AWS Solutions Architect Salary 2022 in the U.S.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an on-demand, secure cloud computing platform that provides comprehensive services such as database storage, content delivery, and API delivery to individuals, businesses, governments, and businesses. The range of services offered by AWS is unmatched and goes beyond the scope of other cloud-based technologies.

Demand has continued to grow since AWS launched the certification program in 2013. As more companies adopt AWS cloud computing services, the rewards offered to certified AWS architects have increased significantly. Enterprises and enterprises are using AWS to improve efficiency, productivity, and profits for a variety of purposes, including network security, remote operations, and mobile storage.

The AWS Solutions Architect is responsible for the technical structure and design of software solutions. Also, ensure that your system design and architecture are in line with your company’s vision and long-term goals. This requires a solid technical background and keen business insight, and their role in business development is very important.

As a result, the demand for AWS Solutions Architects is increasing. AWS Solutions Architect is also one of the most paid professionals in the cloud computing paradigm.

Want to know the salary of an AWS Architect? Look ahead and find out!

What does AWS Solutions Architect do?

The following is a list of AWS architect responsibilities for a company or organization.

  1. Design and build cloud services according to company requirements.
  2. Scrutiny and management of cloud platforms.
  3. Design and create cloud-based applications that are compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms.
  4. Build software using Python, C ++, and Java.
  5. Effectively use AWS environment tools such as Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker to create and run your applications.
  6. Build secure, robust, inexpensive, scalable, and flexible cloud computing solutions based on client needs and requirements.
  7. Use AWS techniques to generate a complete application architecture and fix client infrastructure issues.
  8. Work with software and hardware developers to improve your business.
  9. Decode your problems and translate them into quick solutions.
  10. Coordinate with the management and development team to explain your project’s expertise.
  11. Resolve scalability issues.
  12. Communicating and resolving issues with third-party programs.

AWS Salary: How Much Does an AWS Solutions Architect Earn?

AWS Solutions Architects fall into two broad categories: Associates and Professionals. The corrections for both levels are different. Before you can reach the professional level, you need to get an associate level AWS solution certification.

This difference can be due to a variety of factors that affect AWS Solutions Architect rewards. The following are the main determinants of their salary:

  1. Experience level
  2. education
  3. Duties
  4. industry
  5. skill

Factors Affecting AWS Architect Salaries

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the various factors that affect AWS salaries.

Experienced US AWS Architect Salary

AWS salaries are greatly influenced by your level of experience. An entry-level AWS Solutions Architect in the United States, $ 111,833 a year. High-level AWS architects $ 178,000 a year.

Education-based US AWS Architect Salary

Most AWS-seeking candidates have a background in software or computer science. According to the 2018 IT Skills and Payroll Survey 807 16,000 professionals have been AWS certified.

AWS certification is a tough course that requires a lot of time and effort for candidates. There are three levels in the certification program, and the wage table for each level is as follows.

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This is the first step to getting certified on AWS, especially for those who have no knowledge or experience in AWS cloud computing. After passing this exam, candidates can enter the world of AWS cloud computing.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary Range From $ 79,000 to $ 167,000 annually.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

This is an intermediate level certification that has significant value in terms of employment opportunities and salary valuations. Candidates who own Associate Certification and lucrative packages have multiple classified ads.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associates Average Salary $ 114,000 a year.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

This is the highest level of certification offered by AWS. Candidates who pass professional-level exams will have significantly higher rewards and more opportunities to move up the hierarchy. Demand for professional AWS Certified Solutions Architects has increased over the past few years.

They order a high average base salary $ 132,000 a year.

Job title-based AWS Architect salary

There are many options for AWS certification. Below is a list of AWS architects and the various job roles available for each package.

1. Operation support engineer

The primary responsibility of an operations support engineer is to monitor the company’s cloud computing tools. They are responsible for streamlining the tools according to the needs of the company and fixing any operational problems that may occur. It also regularly monitors the equipment and coordinates with the maintenance team.

The average salary offered to operations support engineers $ 71,497 / year..

2. Cloud software engineer

Cloud engineers are responsible for developing, building, and maintaining the functionality and structure of the software used in cloud technology. We also build features and software to keep cloud-based applications and platforms secure. They are technically associated with everything related to cloud technology.

The average package for a cloud software engineer is $ 99.610 a year.

3. System integrator-cloud

System integrators have a variety of responsibilities combined to provide clients with a comprehensive solution. They compile all technologies related to software, hardware, networking and database storage, and also develop technologies to solve cloud technology problems faced by clients.

The average salary offered to system integrators is $ 94,000 a year.

4. Cloud developer

Cloud developers are responsible for designing and implementing the infrastructure required for cloud technology. It monitors and maintains your cloud infrastructure and also records your integrated solution. Streamlining and optimizing workflows and related processes, as well as tracking performance indicators, are also done by cloud developers.

The average salary of cloud developers is $ 126,000 a year.

5. AWSSysOps administrator

Provisioning, installation, and design of software and related infrastructure. It is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of virtual systems. They develop and control analytical software and also generate dashboards for documenting reports.

The average salary offered to AWS SysOps administrators is $ 997,000 a year.

Industry-based AWS Architect Salary

The salary structure of AWS Solutions Architects varies from industry to industry. Industries that use AWS include marketing, finance, gaming, government, automotive, education, and energy.

Skill-based AWS salary

AWS architects need a perfect blend of technical skills, marketing, insight, and programming language knowledge. Below is a list of some of the skills that increase the revenue potential of AWS Solutions Architects.

  1. Java, Python, C ++
  2. Network and data storage basics
  3. A strong foundation for developing secure technologies
  4. Select relevant AWS services
  5. Communication skills
  6. Cloud-specific technology and infrastructure expertise

Future scope of AWS Solutions Architect

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is now the undisputed king of the cloud computing paradigm. With global interest in technology and widespread turmoil, cloud computing is occurring in a variety of sectors, and AWS is at the forefront of cloud service offerings, making it one of Amazon’s top revenue streams. Has been established.according to StatistaReportedly, annual sales in 2020 exceeded US $ 45 billion.

AWS includes over 100 web services such as infrastructure management, databases, migration, networking, content delivery, business productivity, and consumer engagement. Today’s digital marketing is dominated by AWS, AWS is guaranteed to last for a long time, and AWS has a valuable certification. As a result, AWS Certified Solutions Architects are in great demand across large and start-up companies that are willing to offer profitable packages to experienced cloud architects.

AWS certification is the key to success in cloud technology. 60% Some of the enterprise workload runs in the cloud.This is expected to increase at maximum 34% by the end of 2022.

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What are the eligibility criteria for AWS Solutions Architects?

Designing and implementing a cloud architecture on AWS requires a minimum of two years of experience.You need to have the skills to anticipate cloud application requirements and make proactive suggestions for provisioning, implementing, and deploying architectural changes on AWS.

Can I work with AWS certification alone?

AWS certification is a valuable addition to your resume and you cannot get a job on your own. Strong educational background, related skills, and hands-on experience are other essential attributes for landing a lucrative job.

Is Coding a Prerequisite for AWS Solution Architecture?

The AWS solution architecture itself does not require coding or programming skills. However, your knowledge of programming, networking, and software has the advantage of moving forward in the AWS space, especially AWS SysOp, AWS Architect, and AWS Development. With the majority of the industry adopting cloud computing, AWS applicants can expect impressive salaries with all levels of experience and skills.

Plan your software development career now. AWS Solutions Architect Salary 2022 in the U.S.

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