AWS Increases Commitment to OpenSSF by $ 10 Million

To address ongoing concerns in the supply chain security industry, AWS Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) $ 10 million over the next three years.

“Security is AWS’s number one priority,” said Mark Ryland, director of AWS’s CISO office. “As a result, we are committed to contributing to the quality and safety of open source software. In both our engineering efforts and projects, tools, training and guidelines to improve the security of open source software. We believe it is of great value to contribute. These efforts will benefit us, our customers, and the wider community. “

OpenSSF is an initiative working to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in open source software.

OpenSSF goals include the development of improved tools, training, research, best practices, and vulnerability disclosure practices.

In October 2021, the Linux Foundation announced that it had raised $ 10 million for OpenSSF from many companies, including Amazon.

“This industry-wide effort is safe to respond to calls from the White House, raising the baseline of cybersecurity collective well-being and” prepaying “to the open source community to benefit all of us. We support the creation of software. ” Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, dates back to October 2021 at the time of its first announcement.

In addition to increasing its investment by $ 10 million, AWS also promises to commit additional engineering personnel to contribute to open source projects. AWS Increases Commitment to OpenSSF by $ 10 Million

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