Award-winning 360º process indicator

Simple realization When Effective confirmation of process transparency It is at the top of most system operator wishlists. For example, what is the medium currently in the tank? Is the process going according to plan? Or is the value out of tolerance?new King Crown process indicator from Sensor and instrumentation specialist BAUMER Present this important information to the operator easily and conveniently at a glance.

In addition, this is King Crown Process Indicator Victory This year’s Red Dot Award for Excellent industrial product design.. The Red Dot Awards are established by evaluating the best products created each year in terms of overall design concept, aesthetics, functionality and communication.

In process level measurement applications, five defined colors indicate whether a level has been reached, what is the medium in the tank, or if there is a malfunction. Thanks to the ingenuity of the 360º LED, this information can be viewed from anywhere without blind spots, even in sunlight or in difficult production environments. This feature, along with its robust and minimalist design, combined with Bowmer’s concept of proTect + impermeability, was a key factor in achieving this award.

In production environments with high humidity, temperature changes, or water spray, the sensor requires optimal impermeability and robustness. Therefore, the Baumer sensor is designed according to the concept of proText +. This concept is based on a series of tests that first simulate the effects of aging before the sensor undergoes an impermeability test in accordance with the IP Protection Directive.

The rugged stainless steel housing with LED crown protects the sensor’s electronics from environmental impacts and provides excellent resistance to shock and damage during installation or field operation, resulting in downtime and failure. Minimize the risk of.

detail: https://www.baumer.com/gb/en/baumer-kingcrown-robust-360-process-indication/a/king-crown-process-indication

https://industrialnews.co.uk/award-winning-360o-process-indication-sensor/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=award-winning-360o-process-indication-sensor Award-winning 360º process indicator

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