Avoid these romance scams that have cost millions of dollars to victims

Dating apps are a common way to meet people these days. It may seem like harmless fun, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. Tap or click here to find out why the dating app is a hotbed for trafficking.

Trafficking is not the only dark aspect of online dating. Many scammers are trolling dating apps looking for the next victim.

The FBI has recently warned victims of new trends in dating apps that have cost millions of dollars. Read on to find out what’s happening and how to avoid being the next victim.

This is the inside story

Do you think you have enough knowledge to find potential scams?according to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), more than 1,800 reports were filed in connection with romance scams, resulting in a loss of approximately $ 133,400,000. And that’s only the first half of 2021.

The FBI explains that scammers contact through popular online dating apps. After gaining the trust of the victims, they reveal “an opportunity to invest or trade in cryptocurrencies that will bring substantial benefits.” It should always be the first sign of fraud.

However, many are fooled into investing a small amount of money at first. The scammers are clearly in full control and tell the victim that they have made a profit. Scammers allow victims to make small profits to gain more trust. That’s when the real danger begins.

Thieves are now seeking a much more important investment. Many victims are thinking nothing about it because they want to make even more profits with only a small profit. But when it’s time to collect, no scammers can be found anywhere and your money will be lost forever.

How to protect your finances

Whether you’re looking for love on dating sites or conferencing apps, there are some easy ways to stay safe and keep your money. Here are some tips from the FBI to maintain protection:

  • be careful – Do not send, trade or invest according to the advice of those you meet only online.
  • Protect your status – Do not disclose your current financial position to unknown and unreliable individuals.
  • Protect sensitive information – Do not provide bank information, social security numbers, copies of ID or passports, or other sensitive information online or to sites you do not know are legitimate.
  • If the sound is too good to be tulle – If your online investment or trading site is driving incredible profits, it’s probably incredible.
  • Don’t feel in a hurry – Be aware of individuals who claim to have exclusive investment opportunities and encourage them to act swiftly.

If you or anyone you know encounters these types of scams, please report them to FBIIC3.

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