Average annual salary of CISSP certified professionals in 2021

Essential to the field of cybersecurity are certified information system security professionals (CISSP). With high demand in all industries, CISSP actively protects data and information systems from threats. These threats can compromise critical operational data, IT infrastructure, and sensitive client data.Learn how this business-critical role can pave the way for a successful career Cyber ​​security..

What is CISSP?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a qualification required for information security professionals to validate their cybersecurity skills and abilities.Who has CISSP certification It demonstrates that information security systems can be effectively designed, designed, deployed, and managed to protect organizations from potential cybersecurity threats.

Introduced in 1994, CISSP is globally recognized as the gold standard for information security for a variety of reasons.

  • It is sponsored by the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC) 2, one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations specializing in IT security.
  • First information security certification that meets the requirements of ISO / IEC standard 17024
  • A vendor-neutral standard that provides IT security professionals with hands-on security experience and technical skills
  • NS test It is globally recognized and is available in 114 countries, 882 locations and 8 languages.

What does CISSP Professional do?

Successful information security programs need to be integrated into every aspect of the environment. The integration should include responsibilities within the organizational environment, a job description (SoW), and how to monitor and audit them.

CISSP-certified professionals enhance state-of-the-art information security systems by protecting data from unauthorized breaches and access. To do this, investigate and investigate potential security threats, develop plans to take appropriate measures to manage such risks, investigate and observe the framework of irregular movements, and take corrective action. To collect security metrics and create security reports for real-time situational awareness. Decision making.

Why are CISSP certified professionals in high demand?

Organizations around the world are always afraid of cybersecurity breaches and threats. The 2019 Cybersecurity Ventures Annual Report predicts that cybercrime will cost the world more than $ 6 trillion annually by 2021, doubling that of 2015.

In contrast, the Global Information Security Labor Force Survey (GISWSIn 2017, the global staff shortage of qualified InfoSec professionals is reported to reach 1.5 million by 2020.These numbers are still CISSP Best IT payments Certification shows a growing demand for CISSP.

Reasons to enroll in a CISSP accredited course

Not only does the CISSP standard have a long tradition of more than 20 years, but certification is accepted industry-wide and globally recognized. In addition, CISSP acts as an industry gauge of platform-agnostic capabilities in information security. In short, pursuing certification is a big decision for anyone who wants to extend their career.

One of the best ways to prepare for a CISSP exam is to enroll in a course. IT professionals, especially Cyber ​​security industry, You must take a CISSP accredited course. It includes the following:

  • Formal CISSP training provides a comprehensive knowledge of the latest technologies, threats, practices, regulations, and standards in a well-organized format.
  • NS Simplilearn CISSP course We offer valuable career resources such as knowledge and experience from colleagues, free subscription to InfoSecurity Professional Magazine, webinsers, digital badges, and discounts on (ISC) 2 textbooks.
  • CISSP certification validates the skills and capabilities of the information security industry. It increases your credibility and allows candidates to easily secure better jobs and salaries.

Salaries of various CISSP professionals in top countries

According to 2019 IT skills and salaries report According to Global Knowledge, security-certified IT professionals earn 9% more than non-certified IT professionals in North America. The same is true for security professionals in other regions, up 6% in Asia Pacific, 8% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and 12% in Latin America.

Specifically, the average salary for CISSP-certified IT professionals is $ 116,573, making it the third highest salary in the world for IT professionals. Below is an analysis of the average salary of various CISSP professionals in several major countries around the world.

Figure 1: Highest IT certification


Average salary of CISSP: Rs 2M

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience

job title

Average job title

<1 year

1 to 4 years old

5-9 years old.

10-19 years old.

20 years and over.

Information security manager

Rs 1,787,769

Rs 442k

Rs 653k

Rs 1M

Rs 2M

Rs 2M

Information security analyst

Rs 723,480

Rs 297k

Rs 486k

Rs 801k

Rs 1M

Rs 1M

Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)

Rs 961,039

Rs 367k

Rs 614k

Rs 1M

Rs 1M

Rs 1M

Security architect, IT

Rs 2,230,071


Rs 900k

Rs 1M

Rs 2M

Rs 2M

Senior Security Consultant

Rs 1,275,000


Rs 791k

Rs 1M

Rs 2M

Rs 2M

Information Security Specialist

Rs 1,452,750


Rs 680k

Rs 1M

Rs 2M

Rs 2M

Chief Information Security Officer

Rs 2,300,000



Rs 2M

Rs 3M

Rs 2M


Average salary of CISSP: $ 109K

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience


Average salary of CISSP: £ 57K

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience


Average salary of CISSP: C $ 92,000

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience


Average salary of CISSP: AU $ 126K

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience


Average salary of CISSP: S $ 103K

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience

United Arab Emirates

Average salary of CISSP: AED 301K

Average salary of CISSP professionals by job title and years of experience


CISSP certification is the first security certification to meet strict ISO / IEC 17024 standards. Therefore, it’s no wonder that CISSP-certified professionals are trusted by organizations to define security architectures and to design, manage, and control security architectures.

Looking forward to becoming a CISSP Certified Professional?Then try answering these CISSP practice exam questions Please feel free to clear the CISSP certification exam.

Experienced CISSP certified professionals are often considered the best professionals needed to protect valuable information within an organization. This certification is not only frequently cited as a requirement for an information security position in almost every industry. However, compensation for CISSP certified professionals is also one of the highest in the IT industry around the world.

But CISSP certification exam You can challenge, register for CISSP certified course It’s worth it for candidates who want to start or strengthen their career with infosec. Average annual salary of CISSP certified professionals in 2021

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