Availability details announced at virtual event on August 15th Ora Scooter India launch set

All of Ora’s first electric scooters will be available in India on August 15th. Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Olacabs, said the specifications and availability of electric scooters will be announced at the Indian Independence Day launch event. He also shared an image of an ora scooter revealing an electric vehicle design and possible quirky pink options. The company is currently booking Ola Scooter exclusively on Rs on its dedicated website. 499. The Ola Scooter has a large trunk space for two helmets.

Aggarwal takes me to Twitter Announcement the Ora scooterThe company’s first electric vehicle will go on sale at a dedicated event on August 15. The tweet said, “We are planning a launch event for the Olas Scooter on August 15. We will share the full specs and details of the product and launch date. We look forward to it!” , Will be announced at the launch event. Users can now book Ola scooters for Rs. 499 by going to the company site. This ensures that you are in the first line to buy it when the delivery is announced. Users can cancel and get a refund at any time.

Ora Electric is already Made fun of The EV will be available in 10 color options, including the pink finish teased by Aggarwal’s tweet today.There are black and blue matte and glossy finish options, as well as vibrant shades of red and yellow in addition to white and silver.

The company said Reservation over 10,000 rupees Ora Scooter’s was registered in the first 24 hours of the company that opened the window last week.

To reduce the hassle of charging, Ora Electric said it’s building Largest and densest Motorcycle charging network in more than 400 cities. We plan to install 100,000 charging points. These charging points provide a range of 75km in just 18 minutes.

Ora scooters are manufactured at the company’s factory in Tamil Nadu called the Ora Future Factory. It is said that the first stage has an annual production capacity of 2 million units, and it is expected to reach the full annual production capacity of 10 million units as early as next year. According to media reports, the price of an ora scooter can be between rupees. 80,000 rupees 1,00,000. Availability details announced at virtual event on August 15th Ora Scooter India launch set

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