Automotive fan motor chips drive quietly for electric vehicles

Called the A89307, it uses field-oriented control to drive a continuous sinusoidal current through the load.

Steve Lutz, Product Director of Allegro, said: “The A89307’s hardware-based algorithm makes it easy for designers to reduce noise.”

Designers use computer-based graphical tools to select parameters and load them into the IC’s on-chip EEPROM, eliminating the need for external sensors or software development.

The gate driver is built in for an external 6-transistor three-phase bridge. It can control motors up to 500W.

It provides constant torque, constant power, constant speed mode, and open loop mode.

The start-up is controlled from the standing start, the windmill, and even the headwind. A field weakening is included to improve performance at high speeds.

The motor speed is instructed to be controlled via analog, PWM, or clock input, and the RPM to clock frequency ratio is programmable.

I am2The C interface is provided to set the motor rated voltage, rated current, rated speed, resistance, and starting profile. It is also used for on / off control, speed control and speed readback.

Although this IC is designed for battery cooling fans, it can also be used for air conditioning blowers and liquid pumps in traction inverter cooling systems.

The package is a 5 x 5mm 28pad wet table Frank QFN.

https://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/products/power-supplies/automotive-fan-motor-chip-drives-quietly-electric-vehicles-2021-10/ Automotive fan motor chips drive quietly for electric vehicles

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