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Automatically publish blog posts to Telegram channels using the Jetpack WP bot

JetpackWP Bot for Telegram can now automatically share blog posts from Jetpack-powered WordPress sites (including sites hosted on directly to your Telegram channel. The mechanism is as follows.

With Jetpack WP bot for telegramYou can now automatically share blog posts from WordPress sites (including sites hosted by) using Jetpack Directly to the Telegram channel. This free tool saves you time sharing content to Telegram. Telegram allows readers to subscribe to read posts as easily as via email or social media.

How to create a Telegram channel and set up a Jetpack WP bot

Content publishers can create Telegram channels, invite JetpackWP bots, and configure them to follow your blog. The bot updates the channel with new posts published in real time. Start by opening the app and clicking the pen icon in the lower right corner of the left panel.

Add the members you want to join the channel. Then give the channel an image, a name, and a description.

Then add the Jetpack WP bot to your channel as an administrator. Click the channel name at the top, then click the pen icon in the upper right corner.

next,[管理者]Scroll down to, click the person icon in the lower right corner, and search for “jetpack wp”.

See what your bot can do as an administrator and click the checkmark icon in the lower right corner.

Once your bot has admin access to your channel, follow the blog (or any other Jetpack-based blog you want to follow on your channel). To do this, enter / follow and the URL of the desired blog.

Your bot will now automatically share your new blog post with your channel. If you want to curate the content of other Jetpack-powered blogs, you can also do so using the / follow command. If you want to see a list of all the blogs you follow, unfollow blogs, or reset your bot, you can use the following command:

  • / unfollow [URL]: Stops notification of the blog specified by the URL.
  • / reset: Unfollow all blogs you follow.
  • /Continue: Shows a list of all blogs that are being followed.

For more information on how to use the JetpackWP Bot, Please visit the support page..

How to add a telegram social icon for readers to subscribe

Once the Telegram channel is set up and the JetpackWP Bot is active, add a Telegram social icon to allow readers to subscribe. There are two different ways you can follow.

1. Use the widget to add a telegram icon to the header or footer

From the dashboard of your WordPress website[外観]>[ウィジェット]Click and[ソーシャルアイコン]Choose.

Search for “telegram” to find the correct icon.

Go to your Telegram channel and click on the channel name at the top. Find and copy the URL of the channel.

Go back to your WordPress website dashboard, open the Social Icon widget block, and paste the URL of your Telegram channel.

2. Use the social icon block to add a telegram icon to your page or post

or, Social icon block Place the subscription icon anywhere on your site. Follow the same steps as in the previous section to get the URL of the channel. Then from the dashboard, select the page or post where you want to place the icon,[ソーシャルアイコン]Select a block.

Use the search bar to find the Telegram icon and add the channel URL.

Here are two ways to make it easier for your readers to subscribe to your Telegram channel. Share the news with your viewers and watch the channel grow.

How can Telegram help publishers reach their audience?

telegram Is a fast-growing instant messaging service. 700 million users worldwide, And one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in the world. This is a large potential audience that uses the app to keep in touch with friends and track their interests.

Messaging apps are less noisy than social media platforms and other content delivery channels. This means that it makes it easier for readers to focus on the content without distraction.

Start sharing content with Jetpack WordPress Bot now

JetpackWP Bot makes it easier than ever to attract viewers, build communities and increase traffic with this popular service. Get started now.. Automatically publish blog posts to Telegram channels using Jetpack WP bots – News

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