At Heights, The Conjuring 3 is streamed on HBO Max. Cruella, Quiet Place 2 is not.

HBO Max will stream a new Warner Bros. Pictures movie that day when it’s released in theaters.

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In the HeightsNew musical movie based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Broadway showHit HBO Max on Thursday.Will join The Conjuring The Devil let me do it The latest movies will be shown in theaters at the same time. However, not all movies currently shown in cinemas are available on Max. Don’t expect HBO Max to have a movie like this: Quiet Place Part 2 And Cruella(Cruella flows elsewhere, Quiet Place Part 2 I can’t stream at all. )

HBO max It was a hot topic in last year’s announcement Will flow New arrival, Theatrical release movie At no additional charge on the day each movie was released in a US cinema in 2021 Studio Warner BrothersIn other words, all Warner Bros. Pictures movies this year, HBO max And at the same time in the movie theater In the Heights, Space Jam: A New Heritage, The Suicide Squad, Dunes And Matrix 4 come.

But that also means that movies in other studios aren’t.

This so-called hybrid release strategy between Warner Bros. and HBO Max is unprecedented, but it has created false hope among filmmakers. Any A new movie hits the theater. Not knowing the studio that is distributing the new flick, many people are curious that this is probably one of the movies available at. HBO max Also.

Both HBO Max and Warner Bros. are owned and operated, so Warner Bros. Pictures has a direct pipeline to Max. AT & Tof WarnerMediaThey are siblings in nature.

However, it is worth noting that this hybrid strategy is unique to Warner Bros. and HBO. No other Hollywood studio is so aggressive in getting so many movies (including blockbusters) into a streaming service right away.

In fact, the hybrid release strategy is so aggressive that WarnerMedia will end it after 2021. However, the show time for the theater will be much shorter than before the pandemic.

How do I stream In the Heights and The Conjuring 3?

Both In the Heights And The Conjuring The Devil let me do it Can be streamed on HBO Max to all subscribers of the $ 15 / month ad-free tier. It is available at no additional charge.

However, those who subscribe to the service’s $ 10 / month ad support tier will not be able to watch same-day movies that will be shown at Max for the rest of the year, such as In the Heights and The Conjuring 3. you can not. These same-day movies are the only element of the HBO Max library and aren’t available to people in the $ 10 tier.

You also can’t temporarily sign up for HBO Max to watch these movies on a free trial. HBO Max ended its free trial at the end of last year.But Some people are eligible to upgrade to HBO Max Some AT & T wireless users can unlock HBO Max with a special promotion.

Can I stream Quiet Place Part 2 on HBO Max?

No. Sequel For horror hits Quiet Place It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and will be screened only in theaters.

But!Quiet Place Part 2 Video Distribution Service Watch Paramount Plus Streaming will begin on July 12, 45 days after theatrical release. This is much faster than a pre-pandemic theatrical movie being delivered to a streaming service.

Can I stream Cruella on HBO Max?

No, again.But Cruella Can be streamed for a fee on Disney Plus. Disney Plus subscribers must pay a $ 30 fee to unlock Cruella.This is what Disney calls Premier access, And that’s how Disney Plus has already released Raya and the Last Dragon, and how to release Marvel’s Black Widow on July 9th.

Cruella will be available for streaming to all regular Disney Plus subscribers on August 27th at no additional charge.

So what’s the new movie that can be streamed on HBO Max at the cinema?

All of these titles will be available on HBO Max that day when they were screened in US theaters.

Titles labeled “Undecided” have not yet been released, but are listed in loose chronological order in case they are scheduled.

Generally, most of Warner Bros.’s new films will be available for streaming on Max at 12:01 PT / 3: 01 AM ET on the release date. However, the timing of other films may vary depending on when the first film is shown in the theater. For example, Wonder Woman 1984 was published on December 25th at 9am (Pacific Standard Time) / noon (Pacific Standard Time).

Movies can be streamed on HBO Max for 31 days. It will typically be removed from service on the 31st day at 11:59 pm PST.

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3:34 At Heights, The Conjuring 3 is streamed on HBO Max. Cruella, Quiet Place 2 is not.

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