Astronomers directly observe one of the youngest planets ever

Astronomers Discovered young planet Previously, but rarely this young-or with such a simple observation. NS CBS News To tell, The University of Hawaii-led team discovered 2M0437b, one of the youngest planets discovered “just” millions of years ago. The baby planet was discovered in the Taurus Molecular Cloud “nursery” and is young enough to still emit lava-like heat since its birth.

Importantly, this is also a very rare opportunity to directly observe the world of young children. Researchers need to use special optics to supplement the Earth’s atmosphere, but not host stars or other tricks to study planets. 2M0437b is less likely to interfere because the Earth is about 100 times more distant from the stars than it is from the Sun.

Scientists first discovered the planet in 2018 Subaru Telescope, But spent the next 3 years using Keck Observatory Other Hawaiian telescopes to track the planet and make sure it is tied to its host.

Future observations may shed more light on planet formation. It may not take too long to collect the details.The team wanted to be imminent James Webb Space Telescope It may be useful for detecting atmospheric gas and newly formed satellites. 2M0437b may be important now, but it could be even more important in the future.

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