AstraZeneca Completes Acquisition of Alexion for $ 39 Billion

AstraZeneca will enter the rare disease business with the acquisition of Alexion. Credits: Cheshire East Council / Flickr

AstraZeneca has signed an acquisition of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, a US-based biopharmacy company, for a total of $ 39 billion or $ 175 per share.

Alexion shareholders received $ 13.3 billion in cash for AstraZeneca’s new 236,321,411 shares.

With this acquisition, AstraZeneca will enter the rare disease treatment business.


Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, said: “Today, we welcome new colleagues from Alexion to AstraZeneca and begin a new chapter that will drive growth over the next few years.

“Continuous R & D investment in oncology, cardiovascular and kidney, respiratory and immunology is driving AstraZeneca’s transformation and adding rare diseases that currently have few approved treatment options.”

Alexion is developing treatments for rare immune-mediated diseases caused by uncontrolled activation of the complement system, an important part of the immune system.

Rare diseases represent growth opportunities with virtually unmet medical needs.

AstraZeneca said its scientific presence in immunology has improved.

Leveraging Alexion’s advanced complement biology platform and pipeline, AstraZeneca discovers and develops treatments for rare diseases.

Mark Dunoyer, Chief Financial Officer of AstraZeneca and the next CEO of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, said: For patients in many countries where AstraZeneca already has a strong presence. ”

The transaction will close after the UK Competitive Markets Authority (CMA) approves the proposed acquisition earlier this month.

May, UK CMA launches investigation For the acquisition of Alexion.

The CMA evaluated whether the transaction would result in a related merger situation and whether the creation of such a situation would reduce competition in the market or in the UK goods or services market.

Acquisition before EU, United States, Japan and other countries. AstraZeneca Completes Acquisition of Alexion for $ 39 Billion

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