Arrival delivery vans demonstrate autonomous chops at a parcel warehouse in the United Kingdom

British startup Arrival is approaching the future of safer and cleaner urban delivery, with the first fully autonomous demonstration at a local parcel warehouse. The exercise was billed as successful, and after verifying autonomous driving technology in this controlled environment, Arrival states that it paves the way for testing these systems on public roads in the United Kingdom.

With that Electric van, Electric bus When Electric passenger car Built on Uber, Arrival is also developing its own autonomous driving system, funded by the UK Government’s Robopilot program. It aims to accelerate the future of autonomous driving systems, and Arrival’s technology efforts prioritize cheaper systems consisting of computer vision, hardware, and dedicated algorithms, and expensive sensor technology. Avoid.

The first port of call to demonstrate the work to date was a fully functional parcel warehouse in the United Kingdom. For the first time, the company’s arrival van, equipped with an autonomous driving system, successfully maneuvered the facility without a human driver on board and autonomously completed all tasks normally performed by a human operator.

“At Arrival, we are building supplementary technology to assist drivers,” said Max Kumskoy, Head of Advanced Driver Assistance and Self-Driving Systems at Arrival. We would like to improve safety by eliminating human driving errors that occur in a limited environment. We start with a fixed and controlled environment within the depot. There you can truly test and validate your technology. That way, you can understand how it works on public roads and in cars, and how it can be implemented around the world. “

As part of that Participation In the RoboPilot project, arrival is planning a demonstration SAE level 4 Autonomy on 10-mile (16 km) routes on mixed public roads. After developing and demonstrating an autonomous driving system in a delivery van, we plan to adapt it for use on trucks and buses.

“Arrival plays a key role in the UK’s innovation and transportation sector by bringing together organizations that transcend technology, skills and services. The projects being developed here are featured and exported worldwide. I did. “

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