Arrests Made in Connection with Murder of Mobile County Man at Greene Co., Family Speaks Out

Mobile County, Alabama (WKRGMore) — When Logan Wainwright’s family found out their loved one had been murdered in Greene County, Mississippi, their world changed forever. Agents from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office then took 37-year-old Michael Holder into custody and charged him with premeditated murder.

According to a Greene County Sheriff’s Office representative,22-year-old Wainwright from Mount Vernon shot dead at girlfriend’s house When Wainwright and his girlfriend arrived at the house, Holder ambushed them with a rifle, firing multiple rounds and attacking Wainwright while he was in his car, killing him.

Investigators said Holder shot him when a neighbor heard gunshots and he ran off. The man returned fire and Holder was hit. He was taken in to be treated for a gunshot wound.

He was denied bail and charged with premeditated murder, according to Greene County Sheriff’s Office Chief of Staff Brad Warwick. It is

Mourning families remember Logan as a caring and loving person who always did his best to help anyone he could. was a coach and played a variety of sports.

Logan’s mother, Pamela Wainwright-Yancey, said, “He’s done it all. And Logan, he’s done it all. He’s played soccer, baseball, football, fishing, bowling, and he’s been in high school. We were working on all of that.”

“He loved his family so much,” said Kelsey Wainwright, Logan’s sister. “He was always there for everyone. Whenever you asked, he jumped at it.

“He wanted to be part of the family,” Wainwright Yancey said. “He wanted a child. He told mom that I wanted to be a good dad like my dad was to me.

His sister Kelsey said her brother was excited to become a niece soon, but unfortunately that day will never come.

“One of the last things he did was help paint the baby’s nursery,” Kelsey said. “And he was supposed to come back the next day and help us finish the floors and get all the decorations, but he didn’t make it.”

The mother continues to say that not a day goes by without thinking about her son.

“I miss him coming home in the evening and playing pool with his little brother while I cook dinner,” Pamela continued. If you don’t call him on the phone, I’ll miss the phone, Mom, when you get home or when you cook.”

The family is relieved that Holder was denied bail. Although he was denied custody, the family still demands justice for Logan.

“I don’t want to sweep this under the rug,” said Wainwright Yancey. “I don’t want a slap on the wrist. I want justice for my child. He’s not here to speak for himself anymore. So accept it and make sure he gets justice.” is my position.”

According to Chief of Staff Warrick, Holder is still undergoing treatment at an undisclosed location. Upon his release, he will be transferred to Greene County Jail.

https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/arrest-made-in-connection-to-mobile-county-mans-murder-in-greene-co-family-speaks-out/ Arrests Made in Connection with Murder of Mobile County Man at Greene Co., Family Speaks Out

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