Arilo has signed a contract to advance quantum network simulation development

Quantum networking platform company Aliro Quantum has won several US Air Force (USAF) contracts to advance the development of quantum network simulation and control technologies.

The contract was awarded through the USAF AFWERX program.

AFWERX aims to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to the USAF program. We aim to increase case fatality at an affordable cost by expanding our technology, talent and transition partnerships.


Arilo will use the funds secured from the contract to develop critical software to support the design and operation of quantum networks.

Quantum networks require hardware-independent control plane software to handle data exchange between layers, allocate resources, and control synchronization.

According to the company, networked quantum computers are required to run quantum applications such as “physics-based” secure communications.

These computers are also required for distributed quantum computing.

Jim Ricotta, CEO of Aliro, said: “The integrated control plane is one of the few underlying technologies that Aliro is looking at as the first networking company in the quantum era.

“Signing an Air Force contract to advance this core technology gives us the time to market this and other technologies needed to validate our approach and realize the potential of quantum communications. Helps shorten. ”

Quantum Entanglement (EaaS) technology as a service of Aliro enables a 100% secure network and the supply of entangled quantum states between nodes.

In currently available quantum networks, Aliro’s software control plane and its simulation technology provide the foundation for EaaS.

The company said EaaS technology is playing an important role in “Today’s Unhackable Secure Networks and Tomorrow’s Quantum Internet.” Arilo has signed a contract to advance quantum network simulation development

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