Arduino removes video from Portenta H7 for low-cost industrial IoT

Called Portenta H7 Lite, it is part of the Arduino Pro industrial IoT family and is expected to be used in AI applications and low latency control projects “from high-end industrial machinery to experimental equipment and mission-critical devices.”

The Lite version maintains the dual-core STM32H747 (480MHz Cortex M7 and 240MHz Cortex M4), “the two cores communicate via a remote procedure call mechanism that allows functions to be called seamlessly on other processors,” Arduino said. Stated.

The SDRAM option is 8 to 64 Mbytes, and the QSPI flash can span 2 to 128 Mbytes. You can connect to an SD card, but only through the expansion port. There are no onboard slots.

The 10/100 Ethernet option is retained, but Bluetooth 5 and b / g / n Wi-Fi are lost.

Power can be supplied from the USB-C connector or LiPo battery (with built-in charger), and the minimum (standby) drain is 2.95 μA (backup SRAM off, RTC / LSE on). The USB-C connector does not have the DisplayPort function of Portenta 7 other than Lite.

Peripherals include timers, UARTs, ADCs (up to 16 bits, up to 3.6Msample / s), DACs (12bit 1MHz), and MKR headers for industrial MKR expansion shields.

Below that are two 80-pin high-density connectors.

The operation is -40 to + 85 ° C.

NS Click here for the Portenta H7 Lite product page

https://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/products/bus-systems-sbcs/arduino-offering-stripped-version-2021-09/ Arduino removes video from Portenta H7 for low-cost industrial IoT

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