Arch Systems Hires Product Head

Arch® Systems, a leading provider of machine data and analytics for electronic assembly operations, is pleased to announce the hiring of Luisa Hermann as Head of Product. Hermann will support the company’s efforts to develop innovative solutions that enable customers to gain real-time predictive insight into electronics manufacturing.

Luisa has 10 years of experience in product management and product marketing, launching products, building teams, and scaling organizations in the data software space. Most recently, she was Head of Product at Cape Privacy, a cryptographic machine learning company, and before that, she was Head of Product at Expert.ai, an NLP company. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and lives in the Boston area.

Arch has built the largest collaboration of industry domain experts working hand in hand with data scientists, constantly mapping new signals in the data and adding them to a growing library of operational analysis and recommendations. I’m here. These signals and recommendations are changing the way manufacturers tackle their most complex problems, simplifying and coordinating actions both on the shop floor and on the top floor.

Arch has won the 2021 Global Technology and Mexico Technology Awards, and the 2022 Mexico Technology and NPI Awards. The ArchFX platform provides the machine connectivity, data management, and advanced insight you need to achieve digital transformation across your manufacturing organization. For more information, visit archsys.io.

https://www.wnie.online/arch-systems-hires-head-of-product/ Arch Systems Hires Product Head

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