Apple’s market value exceeds $ 2.8 trillion, a record high

At the end of the deal on Tuesday, Apple’s share price rose 3.54% to $ 171.18, a record high. The company’s current market value is approximately $ 288.4 billion. Morgan Stanley has raised Apple’s target price to $ 200 to maintain a price comparable to a purchase valuation. Apple’s surge may be related to a 30% increase in previous shipping targets. According to a previous report, Apple has announced that it will increase iPhone shipments by 30% in the first half of 2022, according to sources in the South Korean parts industry. As a result, the total annual shipment of iPhone will exceed 300 million units for the first time.

Apple’s shipping target for the first half of this year was 130 million units. After a 30% increase next year, this figure will increase to 170 million units.

To address supply chain issues, Apple has reduced the production capacity of iPads and older iPhones. The company is doing everything possible to protect the shipment of the iPhone 13 series. But Apple is still struggling. Reportedly, iPhone 13 production from September to October this year is about 20% below target. Apple needed to reduce the total production target for the iPhone 13 from 95 million to 85 million.

There are still some rumors that the iPhone SE 3 will arrive at the end of the first quarter of next year. Analysts believe the device will contribute 25 to 30 million units to Apple.

Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the new iPhone SE would adopt a design similar to the current model. The overall design is based on the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display (providing Touch ID). Key device upgrades are 5G support and faster processors. There is speculation that this device will come with an A15 Bionic chip. Priced at around RMB 3000 ($ 473), it’s the cheapest 5G phone in Apple’s history. Undoubtedly, this greatly accelerates the overall shipping target. Apple’s market value exceeds $ 2.8 trillion, a record high

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