Apple’s $ 19 abrasive cloth has supported the device for years and is backordered

Apple’s new $ 19 cloth is designed to clean everything from the iPod Nano to Apple’s Pro Display XDR.


Apple’s Polishing Cloth made its debut at the Apple Store following the company. Event unleashed in October, It has joined Apple’s product lineup along with fairly expensive devices.Newly redesigned MacBook Pro And that Third generation AirPods It may have been the biggest highlight of the show, but the former HDMI connector, And offer MagSafe charging, Full SD card reader and choice from new ones M1 Pro and M1 Max chips..

on the other hand, AirPods 3 Includes some features that were previously exclusive to AirPods Pro favorite Spatial audio It has head tracking, water resistance and longer battery life. However, all these exposures can be considered very expensive. The most powerful MacBook Pro costs as much as $ 6,100 And a lot Competing wireless headphones It offers a lot What AirPods 3 offers With less money.

So if you really want to buy a new Apple product right now without raising money, Apple’s $ 19 (£ 19, AU $ 29) Abrasive cloth It’s much cheaper and comes with perhaps the most extensive backward compatibility list of modern memory.If you think it’s amazing iOS 15 Works in 2015 iPhone 6S, What about Apple products approved for development in 2021? 2012 iPod Nano??And at the high end, this fabric supports as much as $ 6,000 Apple Pro Display XDR monitor.

What a range! But hopefully you already know that Apple’s polishing cloth has wandered into a field full of competition and much cheaper rivals. How cheap is it?Well you can buy Amazon Basic Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 36 Pack For $ 18.86, you can save 14 cents from the price of a single Apple Polishing Cloth. Apple fabrics can also take some time to reach customers. At the time of this writing, delivery can take 10-12 weeks, according to the Apple Store.

Judgment should be withheld until Apple’s polishing cloth is actually available. It may be the best abrasive cloth out there. However, if you buy from the Apple Store and find that this accessory is available, it may be worth taking some time to compare prices with other vendors.

In the meantime, if you wanted to know what it would be like to open a box of Apple’s polishing cloth, both YouTube channels iJustine and Unbox Therapy were able to procure the cloth and show off its contents.

Do you have a favorite microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your gadgets clean? Please let us know in the comments. Apple’s $ 19 abrasive cloth has supported the device for years and is backordered

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