Apple will launch a new external display in 2022.That’s half the price of the $ 4,999 Pro Display XDR

Apple’s for all accounts Pro Display XDR And that $ 4,999 price tag was ridiculous to the average consumer, and it was even more surprising to find out that the company sells a stand-alone $ 999 stand. Fortunately, according to the latest report, Apple has calmed down the ambition to build ultra-high-end displays for niche markets, making it a more affordable solution that is said to cost half as much as the technology giant’s flagship monitor. I will rely on you.

A new, affordable external display to target more customers, but no words about how much compromise Apple is expected to make

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the price of a future external display without a formal name could be $ 2,499, according to calculations. Gurman earlier said in December that Apple is working on a more value-focused product. This product has the potential to attract the masses and sell more, thanks to the reduced price.

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Pro Display XDR is aimed primarily at consumer bases focused on color-precision work, but ridiculous price tags can be found in large production companies and studios with access to “over-the-top” reference monitors. I could only enjoy it. What compromises Apple is expected to make when it comes to overall build, display type, display quality, color accuracy, and other metrics, as the price of an unnamed external monitor is much cheaper. Is unknown.

It’s not known that Apple will mass-produce products that compromise these aspects, but I’m wondering where the company is heading to mass-produce the best possible products in the $ 2,499 range. right. That’s going to be important for Apple, as Gurman reports that Pro Display XDR’s display manufacturing costs have probably dropped since its launch.

It’s exciting to see Apple take a bold step towards incorporating the same technology into its next external display as the Cupertino giant moves to mini LEDs.In case you didn’t know, M1 iPad Pro with mini LED panel actually has 4 times the dimming zone It ships at one-fifth the price of the Pro Display XDR. The only downside is that you can use a 12.9-inch display instead of a 32-inch display. Therefore, the advantages of using mini LEDs are clear.

As always, we’ll wait for more updates and notify our readers accordingly, as we still don’t know much about future external monitors.

News source: AppleInsider Apple will launch a new external display in 2022.That’s half the price of the $ 4,999 Pro Display XDR

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