Apple Watch Series 7 does not use the new chipset.Features the same S6 as last year’s model

NS Apple Watch Series 7 Unfortunately, it features the same design as the Apple Watch Series 6, and earlier rumors we believe that the flagship wearable has a flat edge like the iPhone 13. Apple also didn’t unveil the chipset underneath the new smartwatch on stage. Probably because the revelation is exposed to criticism. The SoC turned out to be the same as last year’s Apple Watch Series 6.

There is no mention of the Apple Watch Series 7 chipset in the technical specifications section either.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith finally discovered why Apple Watch Series 7 wasn’t mentioned inside. In the latest version of Xcode, a platform that allows developers to create apps, the latest devices have the same S6 as last year’s model. According to the survey results, both Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 are equipped with a “t8301” CPU. This is the code name for the processor in the “Apple S6” system (SiP) in the package.

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The final disassembly of the Apple Watch Series 7 may also reveal that the smartwatch may use some other component that belongs to last year’s wearable, and is trying to get it. People can be disappointed. An ongoing chip shortage may have hindered the development of new silicon. This means that we may have to wait next year until we see some progress in this area.

There were rumors that Apple Watch Series 7 wouldn’t work. New sensor It favors larger batteries, but even Apple’s website doesn’t give exact details.The company may have encountered Difficulty in production With the new design, Apple has returned to the drawing board, this time with a larger display, but was forced to release a wearable that looks the same as its predecessor.

There will be some nifty customers, but don’t forget that Apple is working on it Bringing new health features It’s ready for future smartwatch iterations, but like almost all innovations, the company is struggling to incorporate new sensors into such a small package. You’ll probably see something great in 2022, so keep your fingers crossed.

If you want to know what the new Apple Watch Series 7 design looks like, Clone with flat edges Previously found online, take a look at them if you have the time.

News source: Steve Trouton-Smith Apple Watch Series 7 does not use the new chipset.Features the same S6 as last year’s model

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