Apple retail union organizers require workers to pay at least $ 30 an hour.

Workers wanting to form a union at Apple’s Grand Central Terminal store are asking workers to pay at least $ 30 an hour, according to the group’s website FruitStandWorkers United, which was updated on Monday.

Employees of a well-known Apple store in New York City began taking steps to form a union earlier this year and posted the first public website announcing their efforts over the weekend.

The demand for wage increases shows that Apple’s wage workers believe they are more valuable in a tough labor market.

“We will ask all workers for a minimum of $ 30 based on a matrix based on role, tenure, and performance, for a fee,” the organizer said on the website. “For benefits, we are calling for stronger changes, such as increased tuition refunds, shorter vacations, improved 401 (k) match rates and improved retirement options, such as joining the pension system. For health and safety, we’ll be investigating security protocols that involve customer interaction and investigating truck dust, the health effects of building materials, and noise pollution at Grand Central. “

According to The Washington Post, Apple employees can earn $ 17 to $ 30 or more per hour, depending on the market and experience. Verizon, a retail competitor in the telephone market, announced on Monday that it would raise the minimum wage to $ 20 an hour.

In a statement, an Apple spokeswoman said, “Very strong compensation and benefits, including healthcare, tuition refunds, new parental leave, paid parental leave, annual stock grants and many other benefits. We are pleased to be able to offer it to full-time and part-time employees. ” ..

An employee-led organizing committee collects approval cards that determine the level of union support at the store. The union requires 30% of the approximately 270 eligible employees in the Grand Central location to submit to the National Labor Relations Commission. This is an important step before submitting a union petition.

If the organizer has 30% of eligible employees sign the card, at least 50% of the employees must vote for the union to formally certify the union.

This is due to the nationwide increase in workplace activity in an inflationary environment and as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced frontline workers to rethink the risks and benefits of work. The latest signs to show.

Amazon workers voted to form a union at a warehouse on Staten Island earlier this month. Starbucks locations across the country also voted for the union. Employees at Apple’s Grand Central Store are seeking representatives from Workers United, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union, which has overseen the success of Starbucks union activities.

“We realized that hourly workers across the country would continue to ignore workplace concerns without organizing a collective voice,” the Workers’ Union said in a statement.

According to Financial Filing, Apple has 154,000 employees worldwide and 270 US stores. Apple reported over $ 365 billion in sales worldwide in 2021. Apple retail union organizers require workers to pay at least $ 30 an hour.

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