Apple proves ready to dominate the streaming war

Apple Big product event Today was all about iPhones, iPads, and the latest generation of smartwatches, but arguably also emphasized Apple’s increasingly aggressive impetus to dominate streaming.

Apple didn’t waste time on Tuesday, expanding rapidly on the Apple TV Plus and showing off its original award-winning roster. Apple boss Tim Cook has launched the “California Streaming” event on the highlight reel of the title, which will debut shortly after the fall premiere.Cook has since endorsed the service’s original film and series with over 130 victories and over 500 award nominations. Released in 2019Take the time to specifically tell the success of your dear loved one Ted Lasso, Recently record-breaking surge 20 Emmy nominations.. (Apple TV Plus had a total of 35 nominations for all its titles, which is pretty impressive for a service of less than two years.)

Apple doesn’t share much beyond what’s coming to the Apple TV Plus in the near future, many of which, in the case of hardware events that have already been published, will spend a considerable amount of time highlighting the upcoming roster of content. The decision proved once again that we are serious about growing streaming services. And as Apple continues to expand its franchise and originals, it is reportedly ready to swing even bigger.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, information Last week, the company reported that it “intended to significantly increase the output of new TV shows and movies, at least once a week.” To promote the title, Apple could spend more than $ 500 million on marketing the service. information Reported by citing another source.

Apple isn’t just extending the library.The company Start a new way Allows users to stream content from devices in the ecosystem. SharePlay is one of the most exciting of these features on Apple devices running iOS 15.However, it did not debut on the first rollout, instead Future updates.. Still, SharePlay, Watch party tool Allowing Apple users to stream content from Apple and other services together in real time was teased through a product event on Tuesday.

Also, Apple seems to be busy expanding this feature prior to its official launch.When was Presentation In June, 12 apps were said to support the tool, including Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, TikTok, and Twitch. The list has been expanded as of Tuesday’s launch, with Comedy Central, Showtime, Spotify, Starz and more on slides about SharePlay partners for video and music streaming. Perhaps this list will continue to grow prior to the official debut of the feature.Apple said The Verge In June, SharePlay will be available to all streaming partners who want to support SharePlay.

Despite winning all the awards, Apple still has some hurdles to navigate if it wants to take on a streaming king like Netflix or Disney.Once you want to rely on your subscribers, the library needs to be bigger and faster Free trial There is a shortage. You also need to find a way to increase the fanfare of the series to excite your viewers. Previous They make their debut in service (it sounds like Apple is already working on it).In many ways, the hype like we saw at today’s event necessary To move the service forward.

But if Cook’s enthusiastic praise for Apple’s originals is any sign, Apple is just getting started. And the company’s deep pocket and software integration aims to make it more accessible than proof of streaming.

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