Apple may launch iPad 9th generation today

Apple may be set to announce the new Baseline iPad 9th Generation at today’s California Streaming launch event.

Today’s Apple Cindig mainly focuses on a few variations iPhone 13, With a high probability of side serving Apple Watch 7, And possible desserts AirPods 3.. However, you can also add a tablet-type amuse-bouche to the menu.

It’s according to Tarekomi PandaIsBald, We have a proven track record in providing such information.According to the leaker’s post to the Weibo account (via MacRumors), Apple will launch the 9th generation iPad during today’s event.

It will certainly fit Last week’s report That stock now iPad 8th generation It was in short supply. Extended delivery times and sold-out messages tend to indicate that the transition for Apple products is imminent.

The new iPad 9th Generation is expected to have a slightly larger 10.5-inch display and is aimed at students and other groups looking for a more affordable tablet.

It is alleged that Apple may be planning another launch event later this year, focusing on the iPad and iMac. Still, with rumors that Apple is planning a radical overhaul of the iPad mini, Apple may choose to quietly tackle this more subtle revision with the launch of the iPhone 13 today.

At the main event, the iPhone’s quarter notch is expected to be slightly smaller. The two iPhone 13 Pro models may include a smoother 120Hz display. This is what we have been expecting for many years.

Get all the news about Apple’s launch event. Minutes will start at 6 pm BST / 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST. Apple may launch iPad 9th generation today

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