Apple makes it easy to report bad apps and scams

Continue Report According to the report, a significant percentage of the top App Store apps have been found to be fraudulent, and Apple allows users to report such behavior. The Verge.. As part of iOS 15, the latest App Store update allows you to “report scams and scams” in both free in-app purchase (IAP) and paid apps if you have the app in question installed.

detail of function Costa Elefteriou When Richard Mazkewitch Twitter goes a step further than the previous “report problem” feature. As before, you can now not only “report suspicious activity”, “report quality issues”, “request refunds”, “find content”, but also signal fraud and fraud. became. Previously-I bought the app before emphasizing scams and scams, but it’s not.

The “report problem” feature itself has returned to the list of individual apps for the first time in a few years. The Verge It pointed out. Before that,[アプリ]or[ゲーム]It was at the bottom of the tab and I was taken to another website.

Apple essentially foresaw changes when it released the new App Store review guidelines in June. Some sections included changes that saw Apple take a stricter stance against fraud, fraud, and developer fraud. TechCrunch It was attracting attention at that time.

Bad apps found in the store included VPNs that tricked customers into buying unwanted software, bad dating apps, QR readers, and apps that fraudulently claimed to be from major brands. Washington post It was revealed earlier this year.According to the app could be fooling users from an estimated $ 48 million directorEstimate.

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