Apple iPhone 13 pre-orders are showing signs of growth in China

iPhone 13

Source: Apple Inc.

More Chinese consumers are rushing to order AppleAccording to the latest iPhone now than last year South China Morning Post Report It was released on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the iPhone 13 received more than 2 million pre-orders through Apple’s official store at, an online retailer in China. He added that this was compared to the 1.5 million iPhone 12 pre-orders on the site last year.The South China Morning Post also reported that it appears to be of high consumer interest. AlibabaTmall platform to start pre-orders on Friday.

China remains one of Apple’s most important markets, and if there are signs of sales growth, it’s important to enter the vacation quarter. The iPhone 13 also shows that despite being an iPhone 13, it still has a strong interest. A relatively small upgrade compared to last year’s model..

Apple Announcing the latest iPhone At a virtual event on Tuesday. The iPhone 13 has a small display cutout at the top of the screen, or “notch,” and a large battery that gives the device 1.5 to 2.5 hours longer battery life than last year’s model, depending on the size of the device. Apple said.

The camera module is also placed diagonally. Other than that, the appearance of the new model is not much different.

Investors don’t seem upset at the event on Tuesday. The company’s stock price has been relatively flat for the week.

The South China Morning Post pointed out weak competition in China as one of the factors driving pre-orders. According to the newspaper, Apple’s rival Huawei in China continues to struggle under trade sanctions and does not manufacture similar premium phones.

Read the full report of the South China Morning Post here.

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