Apple A15 vs A14: What’s New in the iPhone 13 Chip

NS iPhone 13 Has been announced and is equipped with a new processor. Apple A15 Bionic.. But how does it compare to previous Apple 14 Bionic processors?

We’ve put together all the official information from Apple to show you the main differences between the new chips and the benefits of choosing a new iPhone.

So, without any further effort, all the new features of the iPhone 13 chip are here.

More efficient architecture

Apple has confirmed that the A15 Bionic chip uses the new 5nm architecture.Those who are familiar with iPhone 12 You can see that this is a manufacturing node that is the same size as the A14 chip. So it’s a shame that Apple couldn’t upgrade to the 3nm node to improve performance efficiency.

That said, Apple claims the new chip has 15 billion transistors. This is an increase compared to the 11.8 billion number of A14 processors. In other words, performance is improving. Apple suggests it’s 50% faster than its competitors.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t reveal how fast the new chip was compared to the A14, so I suspect there might be a significant performance improvement between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Equipped with the same number of CPU cores as the A14

Apple hasn’t changed the number of CPU cores in modern smartphone processors, with four energy-efficient cores and two high-performance cores running the show.

This is not a big surprise. Apple typically relies on architectural improvements rather than increasing the number of cores to improve performance, so the performance of the iPhone 13 will improve even when compared to the iPhone 12.

The graphic has two flavors

Despite having the same number of graphics cores (4) as the Apple A14 Bionic, Apple has confirmed that the Apple A15 Bionic inside the iPhone 13 improves graphics performance through architectural improvements.

Apple claims that the iPhone 13 is 30% faster than the “major competition” when it comes to graphics, but that’s certainly ambiguous, and Apple refrains from comparing performance directly to the A14 chip.

However, it’s good news for anyone considering buying an iPhone 13 Pro. Apple has revealed that there is a variation of the A15 processor with one more 5 GPU core than the standard iPhone 13. Apple says this is the most powerful graphics performance found on smartphones.

Faster neural engine

Apple spent most of its A15 showcase discussing improvements in machine learning. In short, the iPhone 13 should provide more efficient performance when it comes to things like Siri and photo enhancements.

Apple has also confirmed that the A15 chip will feature a new display engine, video encoder, and video decoder. Apple A15 vs A14: What’s New in the iPhone 13 Chip

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