Anti-aging drugs act as “smart bombs” to get rid of dysfunctional cells

In 2015, we saw the emergence of a new class of drugs with great potential in terms of the aging process and how it slows down.Scientists working to improve these so-called efficacy and safety Senolytic drug We pioneered antibody therapies that approach target cells with a new level of accuracy while leaving healthy cells intact, making important discoveries.

The great potential of senolytics lies in their ability to target what is known as senescent cells. These are cells that lose their ability to divide and instead accumulate in the body to accelerate the aging process. This is a natural part of aging, but scientists have made some stimulating invasions about how to get rid of these cells from the body with specialized drugs.

Senolytics Rejuvenates old rodent cells and again Extend their lifespanAlthough promising progress has also been made in using them for improvement. healthspan, Or the amount of our lives we spend in good health. Just last month we saw this exciting example.There, scientists showed how senolytics can be made. Remove senescent cells from aged rodent spines It creates space for healthy new cells to thrive and opens up new treatments for chronic low back pain in humans.

The international team of scientists behind this latest study aims to see them as a drawback of the current generation of senolytics. In their view, these drugs take a sort of shotgun approach that requires purification.

“Senolytics are a new class of drugs with great potential to improve aging,” says Dr. Salvador Masip, a research author at the University of Leicester. That is why there is a great deal of interest in targeted senolytics, which are second-generation drugs that should eliminate senescent cells without affecting other parts of the body. “

Breakthrough advances are based on previous work by a team that identified membrane markers for senescent cells and showed how they could be targeted to eliminate them with a high level of accuracy. Scientists put this marker on a cross to develop a new compound consisting of antibodies loaded with drugs that are toxic to senescent cells and tested cell cultures in the laboratory.

These proof-of-concept experiments return some promising results in which antibody-drug conjugates act like “smart bombs”, recognizing senescent cells and pumping them out of the equation with toxic drugs. I did. Scientists have confirmed that the treatment does not affect non-senescent cells, harboring the accuracy and safety of the treatment.

“We copied the ideas already used in cancer treatment and fine-tuned the antibodies to recognize these cells and specifically deliver toxic cargo,” says Macip.

Scientists describe this as a whole new and first way to get rid of senescent cells. In vitro Proof of its specificity and efficiency. They hope that one day they will reproduce this success in humans and will use these results as the basis for further research into more targeted treatments of aging.

The study was published in the journal Science report..

sauce: University of Leicester Anti-aging drugs act as “smart bombs” to get rid of dysfunctional cells

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