Android 12 will soon be able to control smartphones using facial expressions

Android is currently packed with many accessibility features for people of all kinds, whether they’re talking about a disability or not. Android has covered you, and the best part is that access to these features isn’t too difficult. Google aims to make the operating system even more accessible on Android 12.

The latest Android 12 beta has some very interesting features that allow you to control your Android smartphone with different facial expressions.This feature was discovered by XDA developer, Android Accessibility Suite Beta 12.0.0 Android 12 Beta 4.. The beta version includes a new “camera switch” feature. When enabled, this feature uses the front camera to see if you are looking at the screen and recognizing facial gestures.

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You can use different facial expressions to trigger actions on your Android device. For example, you can open your mouth, display a notification panel, or raise your eyebrows to return to the home screen. The image below shows a list of all facial gestures that can be customized to perform different actions.

As far as actions are concerned, you can access notifications, scroll back and forth, press and hold, go to the home screen, make selections, and more. You can also go ahead and customize the size and duration of your face gestures. A notification icon is always displayed to indicate that your smartphone’s camera is in use.

The new face gesture feature seems to be Android 12 only, but it’s not. This is because XDA was able to load the APK on a smartphone running Android 11. If you want to try it, you can do the same. Alternatively, you can wait for the stable Android 12 release before trying this feature.

The feature itself is pretty nifty and I can’t wait to see if other OEMs add more to this feature. This feature is found in the latest Android Accessibility Suite switch access tools. Android 12 will soon be able to control smartphones using facial expressions

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