Android 12 improves URL sharing and makes copying links easier-

Google Recently pushed Android 12 Beta 3 Updated for specific beta testers. The company also pre-released API31 and SDK for developers. This beta includes a series of improvements such as user gesture detection. However, stakeholders haven’t mentioned a more useful improvement: optimizing the URL sharing feature.

According to XDA, Android 12’s latest URL sharing feature allows users to: Quickly copy the link on your app’s background card..For example, in the image above, the link button in the Chrome browser Upper right corner.. Click to quickly copy the URL of the current page. In addition, after the user copies the link Sharing options (to contacts, etc.) Bottom of App. This allows users to quickly share information with other users.

According to Google’s official documentation, you can enable the URL sharing feature in any app that provides a web UI and overrides the onProvideAssistContent method of the Activity class. This means that if the app developer adapts, they can also display a link copy button in the upper right corner of the backstage card for third-party apps.

Android 12 Beta 3 brings new features

Android 12 Beta 3 comes with a long screenshot feature used by many Android skins. This feature is useful when you want to capture a screenshot that is longer than the screen. In Android 12 Beta 3, if the user takes a screenshot and needs more screenshot information to make it a long screenshot, the user[もっと見る]You need to click the button. Once you’ve added all the content, you can click to expand the screenshot. With this extension, the entire long screenshot will be displayed on the screen.

In addition, Android 12 Beta 3 comes with the ability for users to use the front camera to determine their posture. This helps users get a better experience when lying on the couch or bed. According to Google, this feature is only available in the Private Computing Core (Privacy Protection Sandbox).

Beta 3 also adds a “play from below” feature. After starting a game download on the Play Store, users only have to wait a few seconds to enter the game interface. The “Play from Bottom” feature allows users to enter the game interface while downloading a game package. The download happens in the background while the user is trying out the game. This means that users do not have to download the full package before viewing the game. Android 12 improves URL sharing and makes copying links easier-

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