Amiqus supports today’s MCV / DEVELOP Awards! –Business News

The MCV / DEVELOP Awards will be held today! When you’re reading this, we’re probably already wearing our suit and heading to the brewery to prepare for you all – see you again!

Before the festival began, we wanted to take the last opportunity to thank all the sponsors who couldn’t win these awards. Today, we would like to thank Amiqus for his delight as a drink partner at the award. Please raise the glass.

And looking forward to tonight, we thought we would get a very unique Liz Prince perspective on Amikusu.

“”Amiqus has always supported the MCV / DEVELOP Awards as it is a great opportunity for the industry to get together, catch up and, importantly, celebrate our achievements.

“The UK gaming industry is extremely talented. From development studios and publishers to the services and support companies that support them, the companies behind such innovation, technical expertise and creativity. There is no doubt that we will recognize teams and individuals.

“I am honored to be able to participate in these important awards. I am grateful to Ritchie, Chris, Alex, and the other members of the MCV / DEVELOP team for their work.”

Today, I received the MCV / DEVELOP Award for the first time in more than two years. It only excites us tonight, but looking back on the years behind us is certainly a strange experience.

“”We last met for these awards in early March 2020, just before the first COVID blockade. In retrospect, it’s crazy to think about what’s ahead!

“Two years later, I’m still used to live events and can’t wait to return to the brewery to meet friends, colleagues and colleagues again. Celebrate the industry’s achievements and resilience and add a toast. . To an absent friend. “

And of course, we couldn’t resist asking if the prince had the eve’s predictions …

“”I can’t say I’ve succeeded in betting, so I’ll change my guess about the winner himself. But based on the previous MCV / DEVELOP awards, there are some predictions elsewhere …

  • Someone will come across a black tie – it’s always nice to see a little extra effort being made!
  • We need to buy an additional bottle of beer for the table, and our colleague Alain continues to explain that they are all for him because he is allergic to wine. (Am I right ?!) Don’t steal for good his Beer!
  • – Are you proud to win or lose in your category, or hopefully everyone is still nominated? No one is in the shade!
  • Friday, April 29th It won’t be a very productive day for some of the UK gaming industry … “ Amiqus supports today’s MCV / DEVELOP Awards! –Business News

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