Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series gets its first photo on 2022 release date

Get ready to return to Middle-earth, but Frodo (seen here as played by Elijah Wood in the movie trilogy) isn’t there.

Start the countdown, Tolkien fan.Amazon announced on Monday that it was expensive Lord of the Rings TV Series Premiered on September 2, 2022 Prime videoPlease note that the first season shoots have just ended in New Zealand. Set thousands of years before the Hobbit and LOTR, think of it as a kind of prequel to a book or movie you might already know.

Fans seem ready and more than 30,000 Twitter users like the post within 30 minutes. NS Tweet We also shared what looked like the first image from the new show and let the fans guess what it would look like. This is a scenic image of the back covered in white with the camera facing the camera. Amazon didn’t explain the image, but fans said it was “Two trees,“Two trees that brought light to ancient times.

“Are they the two trees in the background, Valinor?” Asked a Twitter user.

Another wrote, “But they were both destroyed in the first era, and Amazon has only the right to the second era.”

Others speculate that this could be a flashback scene and write: Ring: The intersection of rings). “

Tolkien’s work has four eras. The Lord of the Rings is set in the Tertiary period, and this series takes place in the Second Age. The famous Lord of the Rings fame was forged by Dark Lord Sauron during this period.

In a statement, Amazon said, “Beginning in a relatively peaceful era … the series, both familiar and new, face the long-feared reappearance of evil in Middle-earth. Following the character’s ensemble cast. “

Back in February 2019, Amazon shared an interactive map showing some of Middle-earth on the show. Users can zoom in on parts of the map to navigate the map. Not much to see, but the map shows Númenor Island. Númenor Island rose from the sea, was destroyed and sank under the waves. Atlantis style.

This kind of show requires a large cast, Amazon A long list of actors There isn’t much detail about the characters they play, but who will star in the series. British actor Robert Aramayo, who played the young Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, will star in the new series as Beldor.

And Amazon isn’t cheap. Deadline reported The company paid nearly $ 250 million for rights to this material, making it the most expensive television series to date. This does not include the cost of hiring actors or crew, or the cost of producing downunders. NS The Hollywood Reporter Guess The series can cost more than $ 1 billion. Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series gets its first photo on 2022 release date

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