Amazon orders self-driving technology for 1,000 trucks

Amazon may have been focused on Purchasing a freighter Over the past few years, the company has focused on trucks to eliminate the need for human drivers in order to gain more control over their delivery networks.

So Bloomberg Report, Amazon ordered 1,000 autonomous driving systems from the company plus, Upgrade the truck and drive yourself. Amazon is clearly convinced that positive technology will work. It also has the right to purchase the company’s preferred shares, which is equivalent to a 20% stake.

Plus uses radar, LiDAR, and cameras to allow each track to have a 360-degree field of view. This is called a “fusion-based perceptual system”. In addition, multi-level redundancy reduces failures and enables autonomous driving systems to continue to operate safely in the event of some sensor failures. This technology has already been used by Chinese shipping company SF Holdings, and Plus has established a partnership with European truck maker Iveco, while at the same time Cummins Inc. We are also working on the development of self-driving trucks powered by natural gas. Very recently Plus is affiliated with Good Machine Move equipment to help combat “wildfires, food insecurity, illegal wildlife poaching, and illegal fishing.”

The entire Amazon retail industry requires a reliable and extensive distribution network. In short, Amazon operates tens of thousands of trucks. Eliminating the need for human drivers will also eliminate the need for breaks and ultimately create a more efficient and faster delivery network. This order and share purchase right seems to be the first step in ensuring that it begins to occur slowly over the next few years.On the other hand, Amazon’s electric van Delivery has started This year is still (Close monitoring) Human driver.

https:///cars-auto/143299/report-amazon-orders-self-driving-tech-for-1000-trucks Amazon orders self-driving technology for 1,000 trucks

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