Amazon has banned more than 600 Chinese brands as part of its crackdown on review scams

Did you notice that a well-known tech accessory maker has disappeared from Amazon? These are not rare cases, but part of a larger response NS The Verge, Amazon confirmed South China Morning Post report Internet giant banned more than 600 Chinese brands (spreading over 3,000 seller accounts) in review fraud cases.These companies violated the deliberate and repetitive review policy Prohibition of incentive reviews, Amazon said.

Online retailers first revealed this number in an interview with Cindy Thai, vice president of China Central Television, a state-owned network. Previously, it was kept relatively quiet with a wider range of efforts.

The crackdown began in earnest five months ago, but was widely noticed when Amazon banned Aukey and Mpow. Vendors have found that they are offering gift cards and other perks to customers who have left reviews. Amazon later launched RAVPower, Vava, and other relatively well-known brands for similar behavior. It is not clear how many non-Chinese brands faced the ban.

There are signs that these vendors are circumventing the ban or evading some detections, such as Key Series branded Aukey earphones. But it’s no exaggeration to say that a broader fraud prevention strategy has changed the Amazon market significantly. This has a major impact on the regrets of banned companies that have relied heavily on Amazon-based sales.

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