Amazon Customers Cancel Prime Membership After Jeff Bezos Space Travel: Find out Why

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos jumped into space last month and remained weightless for a few minutes. After returning to Earth, he thanked all Amazon customers for funding. He knew little that this gesture of gratitude would mainly backfire. Many Amazon customers now say they are against funding millionaires’ private space travel. Some have said that the way Bezos adjusted the entire episode was a holistic view of the wealth that caused him to cancel his prime subscription. Bezos’ July 20th space trip was a test launch before his company, Blue Origin, began commercial activities to take astronomers and other wealthy space enthusiasts on a private trip.

“I would also like to thank all Amazon employees and all Amazon customers because you paid for all of them.” Bezos said After the flight, I added: “Thank you very much to all of Amazon’s customers and all of Amazon’s employees. I am very grateful.”

Still, some criticized Bezos’ remarks as “Tone Def.”

According to, the repulsion has been slowly burning since then and now. Report According to Business Insider, many of them Amazon Prime Pricing for preferential services from subscriptions, e-commerce and digital streaming giants.

“People, I just canceled my Amazon Prime membership and feel great about it,” the report said in a Facebook private group post. “I’m spending too much money shopping on the website and riding the Jillionaire rocket. I had to tell the world I guess.”

Since then, many have expressed disappointment with Bezos. NS twitter The user asked him to give all Amazon Prime subscribers “a free gift considering that they paid you to go to space.”

Another furious user wrote this:

The third user asked another user to buy a local or online store other than Amazon.

About a week before Bezos’ trip, Richard Branson Traveled to space on his own company spacecraft.Branson’s Virgin Galactic Was started Sale of tickets to space.. Both of these companies may launch commercial space flights next year after launching some test flights.

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