Amazon creates a new scout team to develop real-life simulations

Amazon Already delivering It uses an autonomous, completely electric little robot called a Scout, but a new development team was set up because the Scout wanted to cope with more complex environments.

The· Amazon Scout Development Center Is located in Helsinki, Finland and initially consists of more than 20 engineers. Their main task is to develop 3D software aimed at simulating the complexity of reality. Come to think of it, Scouts can use the software to learn how to “safely avoid obstacles during delivery.”

Amazon intends to grow Helsinki’s team over time and is already there 16 jobs advertised Not only the scout team there, but also those focused on utilization AWS, This ultimately feeds back to helping cloud-connected scouts work in the real world.

Scout and autonomous delivery research and development is taking place around the world, with teams already in Germany, Seattle and the United Kingdom. Helsinki is the newest member of the club and will work closely with other Scout Research Centers in developing this new software simulation. Ultimately, for a Scout to be successful, he needs to be able to navigate almost anywhere.

https:///news/143506/amazon-creates-new-scout-team-to-develop-a-real-life-simulation Amazon creates a new scout team to develop real-life simulations

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