Alstom signs contract to upgrade Egyptian subway line

The two companies have also reached an agreement on the delivery of 55 Metropolis trains. Credit: Alstom.

Alstom has signed an eight-year maintenance contract with the National Tunnel Authority (NAT) worth $ 1.01 billion (€ 876 million) to modernize Cairo Metro Line 1 in Egypt.

The two companies have also reached an agreement on the delivery of 55 metropolis trains (9 cars per train).

Cairo Metro Line 1 transports approximately 2.5 million passengers per day between Helwan and Elmarg.


The internal layout of Metropolis, built to “maximize” train capacity, is customized according to the needs of the route.

It features a large corridor and a women-only area.

Each train has the capacity to accommodate 2,580 people.

According to Alstom, its eco-design is expected to be energy efficient and can be recycled up to 98%.

Metropolis features digital solutions that provide real-time passenger information, route maps, video displays, and video surveillance.

It also features Alstom’s HealthHub TM, a state-based predictive maintenance system.

The solution is expected to save up to 15% on material consumption and up to 20% on preventive maintenance work through data collection.

Maintenance-related work is carried out at the Cairo depot.

Working with Line1 operator Egyptian Company for Metros (ECM), the company develops training and development plans.

In June of this year, an agreement was reached between France and Egypt in connection with the financing of this and maintenance contracts for the modernization of Cairo Metro.

Alstom and the Egyptian National Railways Agency (ENR) have also signed a framework agreement to upgrade the Tanta-Zifta-Zagazig main line.

In addition, the CAF Group was selected by NAT to update the 23 units currently operating on Cairo Metro Line 1.

The deal is worth $ 288.2 million (€ 180 million) and is backed by Spanish funding from the Enterprise Internationalization Fund (FIEM).

June of this year Granted by Germany-based Ruhrbahn Contract with CAF for delivery of approximately 51 light rail vehicles. Alstom signs contract to upgrade Egyptian subway line

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