“Alien: Fire Team Elite” is an arcade shooter in the online era

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Fireteam Elite Fails to build tension. With such a transparent gameplay structure, the feeling of pressure and horror needs to come from the heterogeneous form itself, and frankly, it’s often not smart enough to do this. Flocks rarely find awkward, and special heterogeneous forms such as spitters and jumpers work in a threat-free manner on a daily basis. This unpredictability is more adorable than scary. In addition, it should be noted that my game crashed 3 times in about 7 hours of play.

I’m not saying that AI is completely garbage. Cold Irons say that some of the movement issues experienced by the heterogeneous form in the preview build have already been resolved. It’s really impressive to see dozens of black aliens bouncing down the hallway each on their own path. It is built around these moments. Zenos turns a dog-like corner on the tiled floor, and these details add the coveted personality of the waves.

20th Century Studios

The most exciting moments of the game come between the last and last swarms of each mission. These are long standoffs with heterogeneous forms of waves, such as spitters, prowlers, bursters, and giants that hunt down one crew member at a time. Technicians and documentation have turned out to be particularly useful at these moments. Technicians have a turret that recharges after being destroyed, and a grenade that impacts to keep heterogeneous forms away, but the documentation has a very useful healing circle.

This is where the most strategic is done, even if it’s mostly about turrets. Each final battle has a chest with consumable weapons, health, and on-demand ammo replenishment. This means that the entire team can start well-equipped and spray freely to pray. This is good given that the reticle of most weapons is generous and crowd control is the name of the game, not the accuracy.

Alien: Fireteam Elite

20th Century Studios

Has some bright spots Alien: Fireteam Elite.. The soundtrack is a James Horner-inspired orchestral situation that always reminds us of the cinematic roots of the game in the 1980s. When it comes to setting the mood, it does a lot of hard work. In addition, the game’s RPG elements (characters, loadouts, weapon customizations, challenge cards, etc.) add layers of depth needed for otherwise simple missions.

I didn’t expect Fireteam Elite Story-driven like a movie, or moody like a movie Alien: Isolation, But I wanted something like Left 4 Dead meeting Dead Space, but this is not the case. instead of, Alien: Fireteam Elite It feels like a video game-style theme park ride. Monsters aren’t really a threat, but crowds are certainly a threat. And, of course, it’s more fun with friends.

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