Aldi Trys First Checkout-Free Store in London

Aldi Announced that it is experimenting with a new checkout-free technology in one of them London Store.

The technology is designed to allow customers to scan smartphone apps to enter stores, shop, and go out without paying.

Immediately after your visit, you will receive an email receipt and will be automatically billed using your preferred payment method.

The UK’s fifth-largest supermarket says colleagues are currently testing the store and more testing will be done by the general public.

Retailers also revealed that the first concept store employs about the same number of colleagues as a typical Aldi local.

This announcement follows the launch of Aldi’s Click and Collect last year. It is currently available in over 200 Aldi stores across the UK, allowing customers to run a full weekly shop online and collect orders at the store.

Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi UK and Ireland, said:

“We decided to test this concept, which would allow customers to get everything from our range of high quality products at unbeatable prices and then leave the store without paying until. I’m really excited. “

If successful, Aldi will be the latest retailer to launch an experience without checkout Sainsbury‘sand Amazon6 Amazon Go stores in the UK. Aldi Trys First Checkout-Free Store in London

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