Alcatel-Lucent Launches New Partner Program for 3,400 Partners

Alcatel-Lucent Enterpriseis a provider of telecom, cloud and network solutions tailored to customer industries and has launched 360 Partner Experience (360PX), a new global partner program that offers a unique partner journey tailored to each organization.

The program supports ALE’s global network of 3,400 partners, whether on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud (public or private).

A key element of this program is to continue to support capital expenditure activities while increasingly moving partner offerings to “as a service” (XaaS) or subscription-based solutions. The company also plans to attract new business her partners, especially those with vertical expertise.

A key innovation of 360PX is the new “a la carte” certification framework. This is XaaS, Capex or Healthcare, Education, Government, Transportation, Energy, Utilities. 360PX provides a level of flexibility and modularity that allows partners to focus on their strengths, such as leveraging either sales or service capabilities, or being experts in both.

Partners become part of an ecosystem that partners to provide solutions that perfectly meet evolving customer needs. ALE facilitates this ecosystem, enabling partners to easily collaborate with each other and combine their complementary strengths.

A unique real-time business relationship management platform enhances collaboration between ALE and each partner with strategic planning and efficient execution to ensure mutual success.

Claudio Soland, SVP of Alliances and Global Partner Programs at ALE, said: Enhanced support will help them thrive, especially if they move to a subscription model. Additionally, the collaborative ecosystem we promote will benefit all of our partners around the world. . ”

said Rukmini Glanard, executive vice president of global sales, services and marketing for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. By facilitating this, his ecosystem of 360PX partners ensures that end-users receive the best possible solution with best-in-class services as they move to an increasingly integrated platform. ”

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https://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2023/apr/13/alcatel-lucent-launches-new-partner-programme-for-3400-partners/ Alcatel-Lucent Launches New Partner Program for 3,400 Partners

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