Airgas will not supply nitrogen for executions in Alabama

Alabama (WHNT) — In what some might call a controversial move, one of Alabama’s largest gas suppliers said it would not supply nitrogen to prisons statewide for hypoxic executions. said.

Acquired by ‘Air Liquide’ in 2016, Airgas is the largest distribution network in the domestic gas industry with 24 offices in Alabama.

so recent remarksan Airgas spokesperson said supplying gas for executions would be inconsistent with the company’s mission. Offering is inconsistent with our values.”

The company “contacted the state of Alabama” in December to “reinforce points and ensure there is no confusion about Airgas’ position,” the spokesperson said.

“Airgas Alabama does not and will not supply hypoxia-inducing nitrogen or other inert gases for human execution purposes. I have acknowledged receipt of our recent correspondence and confirmed their understanding.”

No state carried out executions using nitrogen hypoxia. This would theoretically kill someone by asphyxiating them by forcing them to inhale nitrogen without a source of oxygen.

In 2018, Alabama approved the use of this method for the execution of death row inmates, and recently asked these prisoners to change the method of execution from the typical lethal injection to the untested nitrogen hypoxia method. We gave you a one month grace period to decide. .

Alan Eugene MillerAn Alabama death row inmate, he recently fought for execution by nitrogen hypoxia rather than lethal injection, but claimed the papers he signed for that option were lost by prison officials.

Federal judges and the U.S. Supreme Court scrutinized the process Attempting procedure.

“There is no ethical way to kill people,” said Bianca Tirek, executive director of Worth Reises, a nonprofit that works to dismantle the prison industry and those who profit from incarceration. Told.

“But insofar as it causes widespread harm and trauma, and [Governor Kay Ivey] Now that we have finally imposed a moratorium, we hope that by thwarting technological progress on nitrogen hypoxia, Alabama and its leaders will reflect on their moral progress and end the death penalty once and for all. ”

In a letter to Worth Ridges, Airgas’ CEO said, “Any suggestion that Airgas is working with the State of Alabama or anyone else to develop nitrogen hypoxia as a method of implementation. is definitely wrong,” he said.

The letter also states that the Alabama Department of Justice does not currently have nitrogen cylinders at Airgas, “according to our records.”

Alabama purchased $287,247.92 from Airgas in 2022, according to state accounting records. Companies that supply non-nitrogen gases, along with gas appliances, welding and safety products, have served sectors such as forensics, conservation and natural resources, transportation, and public health.

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) reportedly purchased about $1,634 worth of products from Airgas. what Purchased was not available.

Tyrek hopes this is the beginning of the end of Alabama’s executions. “Killing someone who killed someone doesn’t make you a better person.”

4 death row inmates It was set to die by lethal injection in 2022. The two survived before their death sentences expired at midnight after ADOC staff failed to place his IV lines for injections.

“If the officers were unable to find the vein for the lethal injection, I’m not sure they would be able to properly seal the mask to keep others from getting hurt,” Tylek said. “These are simple tasks that, if not performed properly, reveal the borderline question that the death penalty is morally unenforceable.”

https://www.wkrg.com/alabama-news/airgas-wont-supply-nitrogen-for-executions-in-alabama/ Airgas will not supply nitrogen for executions in Alabama

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