Airbus US Space and Defense Appointed as New CEO

Washington-Airbus’ US subsidiary will replace CEO Christopher Emerson with former business and corporate function manager Robert Geckle, the company said Wednesday.

Emerson chairs the board of directors based in Arlington, Virginia. Airbus US Space and Defense.. Established last year to shift the focus of the sector from fixed-wing platforms to the government’s space and intelligence markets.

Emerson is the former president of Airbus Helicopters and has been with Airbus for 25 years.

Geckle is President and Chief Executive Officer. He was the former Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Airbus US.

The company operates under a special security agreement that requires the operation of an independent US board of directors. French parent company..

Joe Gould is a Congressional and industry reporter for Defense News, covering defense budget and Capitol Hill policy issues, and industry news.

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/defense-news/home/~3/C5ixlSR-stU/ Airbus US Space and Defense Appointed as New CEO

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