AG Ken Paxton worries about taxpayer dollars, asylum changes, and unfinished border walls

El Paso, Texas (KTSM) – When the Biden administration announced plans to terminate all border wall contracts within the Rio Grande Valley sector with Laredo earlier this month, it spent more than $ 50 million on rusty border wall panels lying on the ground in Lajoya, Texas. The video showing has emerged over there.

These panels, aimed at building border barriers of about 100 miles, were already paid by taxpayers’ dollars. The government is currently planning to use border wall funding to conduct environmental surveys.

In addition, according to a statement by Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, the Democratic Party has introduced a bill allowing the use of border wall funds to remove existing border barriers on public land.

Attorney General Ken Paxton, one of Texas’s most prominent figures, conducted a one-on-one exclusive interview, and the Biden administration is legal to use these funds for anything other than building the southern border wall. Said not allowed. Paxton said he would take action.

“First of all, he can’t do that. Congress has approved the money used to build the barrier. The agency itself said the wall works, we all work. I know that. The results speak for themselves … The Biden administration is wasting taxpayer money, they are not following federal law, they are not following Congressional instructions. I tell you this You can promise that you will force him to obey the current law and follow what Congress has provided, which is the funding to help the border guards build a wall to stop illegal immigrants. You will see actions from my state and potentially other states that force you into.

Attorney General Ken Paxton

Meanwhile, the Attorney General said he was very worried while his office was hearing about changes to the rules of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Changes to the rules may shift the authority to grant asylum from the immigration inspector’s hands to the asylum-seeker’s.

“I’m very worried about it because it looks like it’s designed to speed up the process. I’m fine with it,” Paxton said. t is not necessarily qualified. I am from a judge who is likely to be eligible to consider the legal part of this, as opposed to non-lawyers and non-judges doing this for customs and immigrants. I am very concerned. “

An email announcement of the rule change was revealed last week by an insider from the Department of Homeland Security. He told Project Veritas that the move was very quiet and would be the biggest change in immigration policy he had seen in his lifetime.

This is Link How to consider changing rules, and about immigration issues like these

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