Africa’s Postcovid Program Must Prioritize Climate: Research

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African countries must put climate change at the center of their post-pandemic reconstruction efforts, a report by advocacy and environmental groups said Tuesday, adding green policy investment would boost economies and societies.

Countries across the continent are particularly exposed to the effects of climate change, including the rise of extreme weather disasters such as floods and droughts.

The report, “Promoting Green and Sustainable Post-COVID-19 Recovery in Africa,” “clearly exacerbated these climate vulnerabilities” by reducing the resources that COVID-19 has available for adaptation. Said.

“The narrow focus on economic recovery that ignores climate change and the broader purpose of sustainable development will bring more economic distress to Africa in the long run,” he warned.

This report was published by the Kenyan think tank Power Shift Africa, the Nigerian Environmental NGO Society for Planet and Prosperity, and the Moroccan-based advocacy and business development company Positive Agenda Advisory.

Climate change is now acknowledged as a “marginal consideration” for many African governments, but some have said they have already incorporated climate policy into their post-COVID plans.

According to the report, Nigeria aims to install 5 million off-the-grid home PV systems and mini-grids and expects to create up to 250,000 jobs.

“The pandemic is a reset moment to shift from billions of investments in fossil fuels of fate,” Powershift Africa’s director Mohammed Adou told AFP.

“Africa is blessed with the sun and the wind. It must be the foundation of our recovery.”

As the majority of the population depends on agriculture for food and income, the report said agricultural investment should be prioritized with a focus on improving irrigation, farming techniques and storage.

He also emphasized the importance of international assistance to help countries fund measures to address climate change.

Richer countries have so far failed to fulfill their promise to give climate-sensitive countries $ 100 billion annually to reduce emissions and help them adapt to climate effects.

This issue will be an important theme of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

“We need to build global solidarity. In a pandemic like a climate emergency, no one is safe until everyone is safe,” Adow said.

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