Affordable audio gifts you’ve never heard of: headphones, earphones, speakers

“This is the gift season. If you’re like me, you’ll have to scramble all the circulations for the next few weeks to find gifts for friends and family. So how do you get what? Do you decide on? To get started, you probably need to check us ZDNet Holiday Gift Guide.. But if you click on this article, you may already be thinking about something. Audio products such as headphones, earphones and speakers are a great gift during your vacation. If you’re adventurous, I’ve put together a list of some great-sounding audio gifts that will please any recipient’s ears without compromising your budget.

7 hours or more play time

Super EQ

First, SuperEQ’s Q2 Pro is a pair of all-round wireless earphones that can be played for up to 7.5 hours and up to 30 hours from a compact charging case. According to my tests, the audio from these earphones is rich throughout the range, with no tiny sounds and little bass distortion. Quickly pair and connect your Q2 buds to up to two devices for a seamless audio experience.

For controls, you can press the earphones for 2 seconds to turn ANC on and off, or switch to transparent mode. Tap three times to activate the voice assistant, and tap twice to navigate the track. Tap once to play music, pause, or answer a call. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the volume with these earphones.

Strong Points

  • Rich sound
  • Active noise canceling
  • Affordable


Deep and rich bass


Ear fan

Earfun Free Pro 2 earphones can be played at medium volume for up to 6 hours and in the charging case for up to 24 hours. The earphones are light and fit snugly to your ears thanks to the soft eartips and rubber bumper cushions. At a fairly affordable price, I found the sound really good in all ranges, and the bass is deep and rich.

Press and hold the left earphone to switch between ANC, ambient sound, and normal mode. With just 10 minutes of fast charging, Earfun promises 2 hours of play. These earphones are IPX5 and are resistant to sweat and water.

Strong Points

  • Light and fit
  • Affordable Active Noise Canceling


  • IPX5 does not include dust protection
  • The quality of the microphone may be improved

Waterproof speaker and hanging cord



The Tronsmart Splash 1 Bluetooth Speaker is a convenient size compact speaker with a strap to keep it hanging. It’s IPX7 waterproof, so you can play it in the shower or connect your speakers to two devices. Splash 1 has a light that emits pulses throughout the spectrum, making it a very festive speaker. The sound is reasonable over the range, but not as loud as you would expect from a 15W speaker. More importantly, even when the volume is turned up, the bass and midrange are excellent, and the treble is not small.

As for battery life, a 2,200mAh battery can be charged for an average of 2 hours and can be played for up to 24 hours at medium volume.

Strong Points

  • 24 hours playback time
  • Automatically sleeps after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • As durable as portable


Loud 24W speaker



Tribit MaxSound Plus is an excellent speaker that supplies 24W from two 12W speakers. Still, Tribit can pack its placement into a relatively small form factor. With a very fast Bluetooth connection, this IPX7 speaker delivers up to 20 hours of playback time at medium volume before it needs to be recharged. In that case, it is expected that the plug will be plugged in for about 4 hours.

When tested, the bass was great and the mids and highs were crisp and clear. MaxSound Plus has an XBass button at the top if you like intense and intense bass. All that’s missing is the ability to pair two speakers. Still, this speaker is definitely worth the price.

Strong Points

  • Very loud sound
  • IPX7 waterproof


  • It takes longer to charge than a speaker of the same size
  • Can be a little cheaper

Excellent sound in all ranges


Super EQ

NS Super EQ S2 headphones It provides excellent sound in all ranges, including rich and throbbing bass and a clear midrange that doesn’t distort at maximum volume. You can easily turn ANC on and off by pairing these headphones with multiple devices and flicking the side switch.

Easy to operate, you can adjust the volume, play and pause music, use the voice assistant, and answer calls using any of the four areas of the right earcup. Even more noteworthy is the design of these headphones. They come in lots of fun and poppy colors (orange / green is my favorite) and the overall listening experience is just as good. If you have a large head size, the S2 headphones may be a little tight.

Strong Points

  • Active noise canceling
  • Clear sound in all ranges


  • You may feel tight with a big head

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth device should I choose?

When choosing a Bluetooth audio device, ask yourself first. What audio range do you enjoy listening to music? If you like deep bass, some earphones can’t provide the sound you need. If you like clear mids and highs, some devices, such as speakers, can be loud and distorted. Fortunately, there are often audio products that can be delivered in all respects, but at a cost.

Is the IP number important?

If you play a lot of sports or use your audio device outdoors, we recommend choosing a Bluetooth device rated IPX4 or higher. Some Bluetooth audio devices are waterproof and will not break when exposed to rain or shower. Similarly, dustproofing is important when listening to audio devices in areas with high levels of debris and particles, such as beaches and construction sites.

Which is better, in-ear buds, speakers, or over-ear headphones?

This comes down to a personal choice. Some people want to carry a set of compact earphones in their pockets and are ready to compromise sound quality a bit for portability. Others prefer an over-ear experience that is less disturbed by ambient noise and can provide a richer sound.Some people want to share their sound with others, so Bluetooth speakers are great for enjoying songs with family and friends.

If you have trouble getting things in your ears or feel uncomfortable, you should choose over-ear headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

How did you choose these Bluetooth audio devices?

These Bluetooth audio devices were selected based on three factors: functionality, sound quality, and price.

Some of these earphones are low cost and have less functionality than high cost models. However, the sound quality was good in terms of price, and the playback time and charging capacity were also good.

Some devices have additional features such as the ability to adjust the earphone volume and change the active noise canceling settings. The entire range of this audio device is almost distortion-free, even with cheaper models.

If price doesn’t matter, it’s worth trying the Tribit MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker. Especially if you like a loud, immersive experience when listening to music. Affordable audio gifts you’ve never heard of: headphones, earphones, speakers

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