AEMT Announces New President-Engineering Update

At a recent annual meeting, the Electromechanical Trade Association (AEMT) announced that Sean Sutton has been appointed as the new Honorary Chairman.

The organization’s AGM was the first hybrid event, allowing members to choose to attend the event directly or remotely at the iconic Silverstone Circuit.

Sean Sutton, director of the Central Group’s rotary machinery repair specialist, became president after serving as vice president for the past two years.

Sean Sutton commented on his appointment, stating: “I am honored to be able to represent all AEMT members. I sincerely believe that it is our responsibility to represent everyone in the association. This includes members and their employees. It will be.

“AEMT was founded in a difficult time immediately after the 1945 war. All due to lack of resources, personnel and skilled workforce, people set aside the difference and the community for greater benefit. Needed to cooperate as.

“In the last 18 months, we’ve seen a very similar situation, especially the heavy burden medical services face to keep the workforce healthy. AEMT members are equally important to support the industry. Without us, the factory wouldn’t work, our faucets were dry and power was low.

“During my tenure, I would like to look back on the origins of AEMT in 1945. Why it was founded and how can it be emulated? Doing this improves the way we work together. You can share best practices and break down barriers. We certainly feel we work better together. “

In addition to the appointment of a new president, James Stephens, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Preformed Windings, a manufacturer of high-voltage motor coils, has taken over the role of Vice President, who previously held the Treasury position.

The retiring president, David Hawley of ABB, also thanked the association for its valuable contributions. Thomas Marks, General Manager and Secretary of AEMT, describes his work as follows: “I would like to thank David for the time and effort he has put in modernizing the structure of the association and overcoming the most difficult times. David wants to make further positive progress in the next few years. We are in a good position. This benefits both our members and the customers they serve. “

After reaching the end of his term, two more members of the association’s council resigned. They were Matt Fletcher of Fletcher Mooreland and Graham Bruker of Wilson Funds Pump & Motors Group, both of whom were deeply grateful to the retiring president. The council’s seats were occupied by two new members, Andy Patten of ADC Electrical and George Knowlton of Knowlton and Newman.

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