ADLINK joins the O-RAN alliance to accelerate network interoperability and enterprise migration to 5G-

Bringing 5G Open RAN expertise to the O-RAN community and commercializing 5G RAN solutions at high speed and on a large scale


  • ADLINK will participate in O-RAN ALLIANCE as a contributor member, facilitating innovation in 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN) and hardware and software integration of open interface driven non-aggregated networks.
  • ADLINK develops 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC) edge servers, NVIDIA GPU cloud (NGC) enabled and AWS IoT Greengrass validated, and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit (RRK) approved edge solutions to bring the ecosystem to life. Contribute to the experience of actively expanding. ..
  • ADLINK will continue to collaborate with SageRAN, Toolsensing, Arraycomm, and other O-RAN members to develop a rapid deployment 5GRAN solution based on the highest O-RAN standard compliant whitebox platform.

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, joins O-RAN ALLIANCE as a community member to bring an intelligent, open, virtualized, fully interoperable mobile network to the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry. We are actively contributing to the ALLIANCE mission. .. ADLINK is an Open Telcom IT Infrastructure (OTII) compliant standards-based 5G MEC edge for deploying 5G Open RAN, 5G small cell solutions, and private 5G networks that can be shared with the global community of mobile network operators. I am proficient in server development. Academic and research institutes.

“5G OpenRAN plays a key role in driving 5G adoption and enterprise digital transformation across the industry. ADLINK is committed to accelerating the innovation and implementation of open architecture,” ADLINK networking said. Erik Kao, General Manager of Communications and Public Sector, said. “We have worked with our solution partners and customers to create a list of trial projects for manufacturing, mining and connected car infrastructure. We will continue to work with O-RAN ALLIANCE members to comply with O-RAN standards. And a cost-effective, scalable 5G open RAN solution. “

ADLINK’s MECS-61xx / 72xx Edge Servers and PCIe-A100FEC Accelerators provide 5G Open RAN with processing power, reliability and enhancements
5G Open RAN overcomes proprietary limitations that make interoperability between vendors difficult or impossible by introducing an open architecture in the fronthaul of network architecture. ADLINK’s MEC edge built with cost-effective off-the-shelf (COTS) architecture, Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Xeon® D processors, 4x10G SFP + network components, and dual to four PCI Express x16 slots for processing Servers 5G require high-performance CPUs and GPUs, properly sized storage, and memory to maintain peak I / O rates.

● The MECS-72xx series is a family of validated edge servers that are 2U 19-inch OTII compliant and NVIDIA NGC compliant. NGC-compliant verification means that the MECS-72xx edge server has passed an extensive test suite that demonstrates its ability to provide high-performance running NGC containers and accelerate the deployment of 5G edge AI across the industry. I will.

● The MECS-61xx series is a family of 1U 19-inch OTII-compliant edge servers designed for the edge of 5G networks. It provides an open whitebox platform for 5G Open RAN, private 5G networks, and various 5G MEC applications. MECS-61xx Edge Servers meet multiple application and deployment requirements, allowing customers to focus on differentiating their end solutions.

The PCIe-A100 is a 5G forward error correction (FEC) accelerator based on the Intel® vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100 eASIC device. Accelerators that support many features such as turbo coding and low density parity check (LDPC) improve channel throughput for edge applications while reducing data latency and overall platform power consumption.

Collaboration brings technology breakthroughs

ADLINK works with O-RAN ALLIANCE members such as Sageran and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to maximize the potential for 5G deployment. ADLINK and Sageran have partnered to create a 5G small cell design that can be deployed anywhere. Approved as Intel® IoT RFP ReadyKit (RRK), the 5G small cell solution features low capital and operational spending (OpEx), easy plug-and-play deployment, open RAN architecture support, and Wi-Fi. I will. Integration that remains clear.

ADLINK’s MECS Series Edge Servers with AWS IoT Greengrass are IoT smart vision solutions such as ADLINK’s latest generation NEON series smart cameras, including NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier ™ NX SOM, which enhances computing power, advanced image processing, and machine vision. A solution that brings AI to the edge through. Edge servers and cloud services work together to connect and integrate cameras, conveyors, automation systems, factory management systems, and the cloud to make your production lines intelligent.

Efforts to address the potential of 5G transformation

Most major network solution providers use unique designs that make interoperability between vendors difficult or impossible. ADLINK is committed to complying with open standards to ensure interoperability between hardware and software from various vendors. ADLINK demonstrates its commitment through O-RAN ALLIANCE membership, the implementation of 5G open architecture and MEC computing on edge servers, and key partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of 5GRAN solutions.

Find out more about ADLINK 5G Edge Server and MEC applications. ADLINK joins the O-RAN alliance to accelerate network interoperability and enterprise migration to 5G-

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