Adding your favorite apps to your new Windows PC will be easy soon

The Microsoft Store has added an option to restore previously downloaded apps. This will be a very long postponement to help you set up a new app. Windows 11 PC..

The software giant has begun testing the “Restore All” button in the Library section of the Microsoft Store for PC. Previously, users had to manually install their favorite apps one at a time.

Overall, with new Windows laptop users Desktop PC Run steadily with a complete suite of your favorite apps and services.

We don’t yet have accurate news about when this feature will be available to consumers, but beta testers should soon be able to access it.

Of course, not all top apps are available from the Microsoft Store, and laptop owners will have to find some of the more popular titles, but even a little when going through the “new PC” rigmalol. It’s useful, isn’t it?

Things are being looked up because Microsoft said last year that celebrities such as Adobe Express, Firefox, OpenOffice, Paramount Plus, and Zoom joined the battle.

“We will soon be testing new features in the Windows Insider channel to enable our customers to quickly and seamlessly migrate to their new PCs, which will automatically restore apps previously installed from the Microsoft Store to their new Windows devices. Yes, “said Giorgio Sardo Microsoft StoreGM. Blog post As part of the company’s Build 2022 Festival, we are emphasizing the addition to the Windows Store.

“It also helps keep customers without having developers tell them to re-download their apps.”

Elsewhere, insiders can also use Universal Windows Search to find apps listed in the Microsoft Store.

“When an app is listed in the Microsoft Store, Windows Insider will soon open a start, enter the name of the app, display search results from the Microsoft Store, and easily install from there without disturbing the flow. “Masu,” the company adds. .. Adding your favorite apps to your new Windows PC will be easy soon

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