According to FTC, Twitter has tricked people into using their personal data.

On Wednesday, federal regulators fined Twitter $ 150 million for users who were allegedly misunderstood about how social media companies used their personal data.

From May 2013 to September 2019, Twitter said it needed information to collect user email addresses and phone numbers and protect their accounts, according to the Federal Trade Commission. However, blogging services have provided that data to advertisers so that they can target individuals. Said.. Advertisers can match a user’s phone number or email with information that the user already has or purchased from a data broker in order to target a specific individual.

FTC Chairman Lina Khan said in a statement, “Twitter got data from users on the pretext of using it for security purposes, but eventually used that data to target users in advertising.” Stated. “This practice has impacted more than 140 million Twitter users while boosting Twitter’s main source of revenue.”

In the federal government Proceedings Regulators filed Wednesday also alleged that Twitter falsely claimed to be compliant with the US privacy agreement with the European Union and Switzerland.

According to FTC, Twitter will pay $ 150 million to settle false advertising charges and change its service to give users more options to verify their account.

Government fines represent about 3% of Twitter’s annual revenue. The Justice Department and FTC announced a settlement on Twitter on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time regulators have accused Twitter of deceiving how people’s data was used. In 2011, after two data breaches that FTC said was due to Twitter’s loose security, FTC Ban Twitter has been trying to prevent misrepresentation of “the scope of protecting the security, privacy, and confidentiality of private consumer information” for 20 years. The FTC and the Justice Department allege that Twitter’s latest actions violated the 2011 order.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report. According to FTC, Twitter has tricked people into using their personal data.

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