According to experts, Yodel’s “cyber incidents” are characterized by ransomware.

Shipping company Yodel confirmed today that a “cyber incident” had occurred after customers complained that online parcel tracking was not available and delivery was delayed. Yodel does not provide details about the nature of the incident, but one cybersecurity expert said Tech Monitor that is” Ransomware attack”.

Yodel says he has experienced a “cyber incident” where tracking remains unavailable. (Photo by vm / iStock)

How are Yodel’s customers affected?

Yodel said today that the “cyber incident” has caused some confusion in services, especially online parcel tracking. As soon as the incident was detected, the company “started an investigation led by the Internet IT department and supported by an external IT forensics group.”

“We are working to restore tracking as quickly as possible and have worked with all relevant authorities,” a spokeswoman said. “We told our clients and customers about the confusion that this incident could have caused.” We sincerely apologize and let them know that the team is working 24 hours a day to resolve this case. “

Is Yodel’s “incident” a cyberattack?

Jake Moore, ESET’s Global Cyber ​​Security Advisor Tech Monitor: “This is usually the first sign of an attack when a website gets anomalous disruption. It’s hard to guess without them admitting it, but it shows all the characteristics of a ransomware attack. I’m starting. “

Recently, customers have used social media to complain about service issues that Yodel initially put into “technical issues.” Many complaints are about lack of tracking on the website, but delays in parcels due to arrival have been reported.

When users struggled to track their packages or dealt with delivery delays, Yodel’s customer service system also went down, causing customers to become even more dissatisfied. A customer tweeted Yodel Customer Service. Cannot be tracked. There is no web chat. There is nothing. “

In a statement, Yodel told the customer: “Currently, we are experiencing some technical issues and as a result, our customer service team is currently unavailable.

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“Parcel tracking is also not available from the tracking page and the Yodel app. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

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