A security guard was accused of applying for Hitman on a website

Nashville, Tennessee (WKRNMore) — a member of the Tennessee National Guard accused of submitting a resume to the website rental hitman facing federal indictment.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, Hermitage’s Josiah Ernesto Garcia, 21, filed an inquiry on the website on Feb. 16 stating that he was interested in working as a hired employee. It is thought to have shown that there is killer.

The website was originally created in 2005 to promote a cybersecurity start-up, but over the next decade reportedly received many inquiries about its murder-for-hire services.

The website administrator then changed the website into a parody site. The site contains false testimonies from people claiming to use hitman services, a reception form where people can request services, and application options to become a hired killer.

One of the false testimonies included, “Our relationship ended after a free public relations consultation after I caught my husband cheating on me with my babysitter. I’m looking for it.Thanks Guido and Renta Hitman!”

In his investigation, Garcia indicated he had “military experience and rifle expertise” and requested a “detailed job description,” according to the complaint. I replied with the alias “Guido Fanelli, CEO of Rent-A-Hitman.”

The website owner requested a resume, headshot, and an image of Garcia’s identification card and provided it, according to the complaint. He joined the Air National Guard in July, indicating he was still a member.

His resume stated that he was a “marksman expert awarded as an expert in shooting with two (or more) weapons, never missing a single bullseye on every target.” rice field.

Between February 20 and March 13, Garcia reportedly sent multiple follow-up emails to the website owner after submitting his resume and not getting a response. On March 16, the website owner responded to her FBI instructions.

His reply was: You will receive a message when it is ready. The timing is based on the client’s needs,” the complaint reads.

After being contacted by an undercover FBI agent on April 3, Garcia agreed to conduct a telephone interview, according to the complaint. During the interview, Garcia said he had no problem accepting his fingers or ears as trophies or torturing him at his client’s request.

When asked why he was interested in this position, he replied: I was looking into private law enforcement, but that’s not for me. I wanted to do something more exciting,” said the complaint.

Investigators said Garcia met with an undercover agent at a Nashville restaurant on April 6 and continued to express interest in working as a hired killer. A few days later, the agent sent Garcia a text her message that her job was available.

He met with an agent at a park in Hendersonville, Tennessee, on April 12, and was given a “target packet” consisting of a photo and a description of the fictional target’s name, weight, age, height, address, and place of work. . The down payment is $2,500, officials said. The agent told Garcia that the client was paying him $5,000 to kill the target.

Investigators said he asked if Garcia needed to “take pictures of[the corpse]as proof that the job was done” and was subsequently arrested by the FBI.

After his arrest, Garcia reportedly told investigators he needed money and his family couldn’t pay the rent. According to the complaint, Garcia said he began to have second thoughts about the job of a hitman when he learned on April 7 that he had been hired for another medical position.

Garcia told investigators he was meeting with the agent to tell him he had changed his mind. However, Garcia is still believed to have violated federal law.

Garcia was charged with murder for hire using an interstate commercial facility on April 13, according to the Justice Department. If convicted, he faces up to his ten years in prison.

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